The MintFace 100

The MintFace 100

Artists published on the MintFace100 are special because they represent artists that...

🍒 have a worldview or unique perspective on why they create.
🍉 have already sold digital artwork as an NFT.
🥭 are active in the NFT community on Twitter.

Support their art (and make your wallet, screen or wall look cool!) by purchase their digital artwork on the digital marketplaces mentioned on the list including OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare, LooksRare and more as they come online.

The number represents the order of feature on MintFace and not any ranking.

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Crypto Art

#19 Alpha Centauri Kid - 3D glitch art fanatic. Foundation
#20 CyberShatki - Divine Feminine serving visual experiments on Blockchain since 'oct 20. TryShowtime
#21 XCopy - Crypto X Art. We're not mainstream until we see right-click save as guy on TV. SuperRare
#31 Million Token Website - a 10x10 pixel square is 0.1 ETH. MintFace article.
#60 Obscure - Multimedia obscurist. I make audio reactive particle systems and line systems. I've been in NFTs since December 2020. MintFace Article.
#71 NFT Wannabe - OG CryptoArtist / poet. MintFace article.

Generative Art

#9 Claire Silver - artist collabing with AI. Rarible
#10 0x_3b - expressing myself through code and art. OpenSea
#11 Stefano Contiero - humanising machines and digitalizing reality. Foundation
#17 Sebastián Brocher - launched the first generative art project on Ethereum. OpenSea
#33 BeautifoolData - Mathematical approximations of punks using the Discrete Fourier Transform.
#50 Çağrı Taskin - 3D visualization, photogrammetry, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and computer simulations. MintFace article.
#51 Aranya - Generative interactive art, immersive experiences, games for museums and experimental electronic music. MintFace article.
#53 CryptoMoron - Crypto Analyst. MintFace article.
#54 WGMeets - Dominican-American multidisciplinary artist & NFT collector. MintFace article.
#58 Boncuk - 1024 on-chain generated, stored AND displayed 1024 x 1024 SVG evil eyes. Mintface article.
#61 Mikkel Malmberg - On-chain artist with good luck cranes for wallets. MintFace article.

3D, Animation & Interactive

#5 JenevaNFT - My name is Jenny. I'm a 3d artist. Foundation
#24 Klara Vollstaedt is a transfem artist from Canada who's work analyses the divide between the digital and the real world, and the personas and relationships. MintFace article.
#27 Saba - The fuzziest collectibles with positive vibes. MintFace article.
#34 Jolly Roger - hand-drawing rotoscope animation. MintFace article
#43 Spazecraft - Interactive NYC A/V Artist & Hip-Hop Edu Pioneer MintFace article.
#62 Yoghi Juliansa - Just using mobile phone for my creations. MintFace article.
#67 FirstLadyNFT - 500 Ladies Artist. In an incredible year-long mission, a whole community of 500 ladies was created. MintFace article.
#68 DiamondHands Greg - Unique fine jewellery | Rare NFT’s | New Zealand’s first NFT Jeweller. MintFace article.

Illustrators & Graphic Artists

#1 Abi Daker - artist & illustrator. In 2016, Abi's Houses of Parliament drawing chosen to adorn the British £5 pound note Foundation
#2 Alfred Swahn - collectible cars drawn by Alfred Swahn. Rarible
#8 Lisa Fogerty - my childhood obsession with comic book girls on the pages of old 20s-40s feminist magazines. OpenSea
#20 XRay Punks - X-rays of CryptoPunks. See behind the pixels and discover what they're really made of. OpenSea
#25 Grelysian - fine artist and tattooer living and working in New York City. MintFace article.
#29 Tayodamnshoes - Tayo aka tayodamnshoes is a 22 year old Nigerian born women here to spread love and art, she is the creator of the world famous ebabes collectible, a series of 1/1 handmade art pieces with African names and African history. MintFace article.
#30 SacredVoo - is influenced by the Mastery of imperfections. Colorful yet carefree expressions to brighten your world. MintFace article.
#32 Pixlpa - Weird Graphics. MintFace article.
#41 Magusz - My digital paintings are in line with my life experience on personal growth, spirituality and reflection / critique. MintFace article.
#44 HaiHaitoon - Thailand artist MintFace article.
#45 JeyRam - We are on an adventure to document the Ancient Spirits, will you join us on this journey? MintFace article.
#46 Cryptina - 200 different 1/1 Cryptinas. Mintface article.
#49 RyanJ - Look to the horizon and measure where you stand. MintFace article.
#52 Kim Pinktofu_art - Likes to paint badass women in vibrant colors. MintFace article.
#56 Kristen Roos - Kristen designs with vintage computers, print with vintage dot matrix printers and weaves with handlooms and jacquard looms. MintFace article.
#74 - Wissam Eid - Visual artist based in Beirut with a growing interest in NFTs, symmetry and psychic automatism. MintFace article.

Lens-Based Art

#12 Alejandro Cartagena - Alejandro works with photography and video to explore issues of identity, place, and the environment. - Foundation
#3 Kris Graves - What is Art. OpenSea
#4 Claudia Pawlek - Claudia uses photography as a means of preserving emotional response evoked from the spaces around her. Ephimera
#7 Brian Minear - Atmospheric Landscape Photographer. Foundation
#13 T.J. Thorne - I like water. OpenSea
#14 Paul Allen Hunton - NFTagram embraces the Polaroid’s instantaneity and gives it a longer and more valuable life by linking it to the blockchain. OpenSea
#15 Eric Rubens - Just as a surfer seeks one last wave, I’ve spent the last 8 years chasing sunsets, swells, and capturing the aura of golden hour one day at a time. OpenSea.
#16 Rachel Creasey - a search for the pure poetry of art in life. Foundation
#18 RicoFilms - photography should be an extension of the photographer, reflecting what it means to be human. Foundation
#23 Kaleb Johnston - 20 year old photographer from New Zealand. MintFace feature.
#26 Linda Kristiansen - Photographer/DigitalArtist based in Norway. MintFace article.
#28 Robin Friend - Friend's work has exhibited at the National Gallery, Somerset House & Royal Academy of Arts in London; Aperture Gallery in NY; Christies Paris; and held in Museum Collections around the world (no big deal). MintFace article. MintFace article.
#37 Alistair Keddie - Photographer & visual artist drawing mainly on landscape, being & place. MintFace article.
#38 Idil Mohammed - Photographer based in Toronto. MintFace article.
#39 Goku NFT - art admirer. crypto enthusiast. explorer of mediums. MintFace article.
#42 Articulate.eth - A picture is worth a thousand words. I'm fascinated by big ideas, photography, NFTs, Web3, permaweb and blockchain tech. MintFace article.
#47 Korbinian Vogt - The current focus is the connection of human and nature. MintFace article
#48 Roustan - I paint on people and then I photograph them. Bold Empowering Body Art for the Rebellious at Heart! MintFace article.
#55 Guido - It's a long story. I make iconic imagery of people, places and things. renowned photographer + artist. MintFace article.
#57 Richie Toa Mills - Solo dad, Photographer/Videographer, DJ. MintFace article.
#63 LittleArt - I’m a photographer in NZ. On a mission to capture and show as much beauty through my lens as I can in my lifetime. MintFace article.
#64 Greg Vivash - Experimental and abstract photographer. MintFace article.
#65 Jan Erik Waider - Visual artist and fine art photographer. MintFace article.
#69 Trent North - Photographic Visual Artist ~ Travel // Infrared // URBEX // Outdoors and Coffee MintFace article.
#70 Mr Jon Kane - Motion Art & Photography - lens, light, raw data! MintFace article.
#72 WeSeeThisNow.eth - Artist, explorer, convivial mystic. MintFace article.
#73 ThinSlicePhoto - Visual artist - Cinema, Photo, Virtual. MintFace article.
#75 DrifterShoots - To The Moon And Never Back. punk # 4436. MintFace article.
#76 Austine - Visual artist | 19 | NFTs | MintFace article.

Music and Listening Experiences

#66 Marinda.eth - Voice-over artist, writer, puppeteer & VR actor based in South Africa. MintFace article.

Meta Worlds

#35 ElfJTrul and Cryppadotta - Wizards fully encoded on the Ethereum blockchain. MintFace article.
#36 Jessica Artemisia - Creator @TheSovereigntii#NFT publishing platform. MintFace article.


#40 Alex Lavrov - Artist/painter. Surrealism. Cubism. Expressionism. Psychological Symbolism. MintFace article.
#59 Megha - Reflections Art. I'm Megha (It literally means clouds) I make Art and NFT's 1/1 Digital and Hand crafted collection. MintFace article.
#6 Ira Yufereva - 'self taught artist from harsh Russia'. OpenSea

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