Your Own Meta-World

Your Own Meta-World

The real world is great...but sometimes there are other worldly places in the meta-verse where real connection is also on offer.

Imaging purchasing an avatar that becomes the mask you're known by in that world. That's what we explore today as your avatar becomes the ticket into a world being built around the stories you want your character to be known by.

The NFT isn't the end game, it's simply a ticket to open the door to a metaverse full of real people, wearing digital masks that you'll come to know and trust.

MintFace Artwork Feature - Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

"On chain wizards." What does that even mean?

Every digital artwork of a wizard is encoded on the blockchain including the image itself. For NFT purests, we value NFT images in the following order.

Highest: On chain artwork.
Middle: IPFS decentralised artwork.
Low: Google Drive or a URL.

What's the point of a non fungible token if the metadata isn't on-chain....or at a minimum, on a decentralised network? Wizards operate at the highest level so all artwork is on-chain.

Who cares? As it turns out, wizards care a lot if you care about where your NFT artwork digitally resides.  This on-chain provenance puts Wizards in a small cohort of on-chain NFTs including 0xmons and Mooncats.

ElfJTrul and Cryppadotta are the legends behind this world. ElfJTrul has just left his full time job to dedicate all his time to this project so you can expect the roadmap to be executed fully...and more.

Cryppa dotta believes that NFTs are 'about finding belonging, showing status, and crafting our identity.'

The next question...

"I thought you didn't cover 10k projects on Mintface?"

True. So you won't be able to dissect the rarity of on chain wizards with Rarity Tools and we won't be discussing what a decoder crystal may (or may not) be for AND we won't be talking about the next roadmap goal that hands over commercial rights to owners.

What I will be talking about, is the metaverse they're building starting with The Secret Tower that is the first pixelated building of the entire Forgotten Runes world.

The Secret Tower is in the top left of the map 

After gingerly connecting my Metamask on the suggestion of the Raven at the top of the tower, I was in to the Runes world.

Next I tapped the wizards hat next to the entrance, on display in the image above. My wizard that had been airdropped to me a very kind individual (thank you NocturnalStrain) appeared.

View Archmagus Fark of the Wood #3771 on OpenSea

Twitter...follow. Discord...join. Nah...wait... a Zip file. NO WAY! I would never recommend you download a zip file of anything because it hides the true contents.

But on this site...and for the benefit of MintFace readers...I did and discovered all of the individual layers of imagery of Wizard #3771 provided and a note!

The note.
The files

Why would you need all these files of your wizard? Because there's utility for the world that's being built. Already in the discord there's idea being conjured up about what might come next for the wizards. You're going to need time to really get the most out of your avatar.

This isn't solely art, it's an avatar to navigate a wizardry world.

These particular wizards are a big deal too according to NFTStats.

Whether you're a kid wanting to inhabit a magical world or a collector of pixelated glory, wizards have an appeal that spans beyond time. For you to get the most from  this project, you will want to lean in. Access to The Cult, Forgotten Souls, and Warriors Guild.

If you haven't discovered the orb with light emanating like I didn't for at least an hour after researching this project... you can see there's plenty to explore.

MintFace Artist Feature - Jessica Artemisia

Jessica Artemisia is today's MintFace artist feature because her Sovereigntii project on the Opensea marketplace allows you to create your avatar from your very own photo.

The combination creates an adaptive avatar look that is a riff of your real life photo. Your new found friends look life like... if they had been living a life parallel to yours that you'd never have discovered.

What has Harmony, Chaos and Magyss Tenia really been up to in the last 15 years? That's what the Sovereigntii world offers, once you collect your custom avatar (a purple framed holographic space ready to absorb your real life portrait) like 23 people have to date.

"Players can purchase character NFTs to join the official storytelling game-play." according to Jessica Artemisia.

Once your avatar has been brought to life, it's yours...and now comes the fun part. You'll be featured by Jessica in the Sovereigntii universe story.

"After 10 years in the making, waiting for the perfect technology and tools, it is finally being born in the NFT world.
This collection is not only gorgeous portraits of intriguing characters who will look beautiful in your wallet gallery, but it is also an interactive "storygame," possibly the first of its kind, made possible only by NFTs and blockchain technology."

The Sovereigntii universe explores themes rarely discussed in the real world and are unlikely to be suitable for children. Jessica explores these themes as she continues to find ways to make people's lives better.

The Sovereigntii projects offers a couple of unique features only possible because of the ways NFT's work.

👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏻The real photo you provide to make your Sovereigntii avatar lends your image to the evolving story unfolding in the Sovereigntii world.

📘Your Sovereigntii avatar does more than simply appear on your Twitter profile for a week. It becomes the face of a character brought to life through Jessica's writing.

📖 You can also decide to become an author on The Sovereigntii platform writing your own story through your avatar. If you've got an audience for your fantasy characters, introducing them to the Sovereigntii Universe might be worth considering. You get all the rights you need:

•	Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
•	Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.
•	The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.
Copyright freedoms to write your own stories from the avatar 

The first chapter is available on OpenSea to read and I would recommend reading (or at least skim reading) it as part of deciding the kind of person you'd like to become in the Sovereigntii world.

Collector of Broken Dreams - a view out from the Sovereigntii universe. Read the short story.

If this article has made you curious about getting started with digital art, we also run the Digital Artist Economy workshop helping artists create their first digital art through a three week programme. Share it with an artist you'd like to see on an NFT marketplace.

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