MintFace Projects

MintFace is a serial creatooor who has launched many art collections across many genres. The following is a concise summary about each of the major collections minted since April 2021.

MintFace is a ardent believer that artists set their own boundaries on creativity... and that there is merit in railing against conformity in the pursuit of better.

There are 2,169+ collectors of at least one MintFace artwork across conceptual photography, digital art, memes, AI generated and drone photography... which seems to suggest that Web3.0 may mark a new dawn of creativity.

Geodetic Moments

Geodetic Moments is a collection of 100 photographs taken from the same location during 'JPEG summer' of 2021.

"Look to the horizon and measure where you stand. Geodetic Moments explores how small shifts in our outlook can dramatically change what we see." MintFace

Collection: Geodetic Moments
Mint Date: August 2021
Artworks: 100 1/1s
Collectors: 40
Availability: 12
Price: from 0.042 eth
Smart Contract: OpenSea Shared
Token: ERC-1155

10K Project

10k Project celebrates MintFace gaining 10,000 NFT followers on Twitter by providing a 10k Residence in the metaverse.

"The 10K Project is a love letter to the first 10,000 frens who followed @mintfaced on Twitter in 2021/2022." MintFace

Collection: 10K Project
Mint Date: May 2022
Artworks: 5x editions
Collectors: 1,083
Availability: Yes
Price: from 0.045 eth
Utility: Access to 10k Residence
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-1155

Seize and Share

The Seize and Share collection reimagines popular 2022 memes by documenting moments of historical note throughout the 2022 calendar year.

Collection: Seize and Share
Mint Date: June 2022
Artworks: 2,562 editions
Collectors: 745
Availability: Yes
Price: from 0.05 eth
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-721

"The Seize and Share collection documents 2022 NFT culture through meme derivatives." Mintface.


MintCity is the genesis collection on Tezos that explores what MintCity might look like in a post-human world where machines roam.

Collection: MintCity
Mint Date: July 2022
Artworks: 4
Collectors: 3
Availability: Yes
Price: from 10 tez

"The future is all around us." MintFace


Geodetica explores the worlds AI inhabits by embracing the power of MidJourney and photography combined.

"Geodetica documents the shortest visual path between human and machine. AI was invited to interpret 100 artwork titles from the Geodetic Moments collection."
"Can you comprehend what AI is observing anon?"

Collection: Geodetica
Mint Date: August 2022
Artworks: 100 1/1's and 79 editions
Collectors: 87
Availability: Yes
Price: from 0.03 eth
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-721

Roads and Rivers

The Roads and Rivers captures the moment humans intersect with nature. It is also a beacon to faraway places that says, we are over here. Come visit.

"Roads are for travelling. You choose the route and speed of your journey on your way to the next destination. Rivers go with the flow. You surrender to its course and travel at the pace of its drift."

Collection: Roads and Rivers
Mint Date: October 2022
Artworks: 31 1/1's (collection still in progress) and 3 editions
Collectors: 74
Availability: Yes
Price: from 0.025 eth
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-721 and ERC-1155

The Line

The Line is an art centered metaverse with the expressed goal on showing 1 million artworks in a single line. The first 200 artists were airdropped a token of appreciation for curating their section of The Line. Read more at

"We are on a mission to display 1 million artworks on The Line. Together. We are The Line."

Collection: We Are The Line
Mint Date: October 2022
Artworks: 4 1/1's
Collectors: 195
Availability: Yes (Line sponsorship)
Price: 10 eth
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-721

Visual Language

Conversation with AI reveals the visual language AI draws on to comprehend some of the most famous speeches of our time.

Collection: Conversation with AI
Mint Date: November 2022
Artworks: 35 1/1's
Collectors: 2
Availability: Yes
Price: from 0.09 eth
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-721


The XLIFE collection documents the machinations of memorable crypto moments through the lens of XCOPY.

Collection: XLIFE
Mint Date: December 2022
Artworks: 5 editions of 100 to date
Collectors: 84
Availability: Yes
Price: from 0.03 eth
Smart Contract: Manifold
Token: ERC-1155

More MintFace Art

There are more MintFace artworks not listed here, that are waiting to be discovered by the those who care to search the blockchain. For now we leave it here.