CC0 100 List

CC0 100 List

Here is a list of 100 projects, artists and artworks (in the making) that all come with 'no rights reserved'. CC0 is the 'no copyright reserved' option in the Creative Commons toolkit.

"CC0 assets turns other artists IP into your raw material. You can do almost anything you want with the work. You can create derivatives to sell commercially confident that there is no legal recourse for copyright infringement." MintFace.

cc0 is a public domain dedication where the copyright is released, even in jurisdictions where it is difficult to do so.

Where a country doesn't allow the release of copyright away from the artist, the license says that no attribution is required when using the artwork. If neither of these legal protections are available in the jurisdiction, then the license, at a minimum, means the copyright holder 'will not take any actions that prevent a user of the work from exercising rights consistent with the intention of the copyright holder as expressed in CC0.' (CC0 - Creative Commons)

There are also independent artists that strategically release the copyrights on one or maybe a few of their back catalog of work. So far, the following artists have at least one artwork released under a very permissive licence including CC0.

Check the status when the licence is invoked as many require their work to have sold as a non fungible token (NFT) first to invoke the license.

Why Giveaway Rights?

Artists get to make more than one artwork during their lives so releasing the rights to one artwork or one collection does not have an impact on the quantity of work they create and commercially sell. The opposite may in fact be true, where releasing a collection has the effect of being seen in more places because it can be used without negotiating a commercial deal between the artist and the would be licensee.

A good question to ask is 'what artwork would you like everyone to have in the digital wallet and in their digital gallery, that you created?'

Use these words in the description of your NFT to create the conditions to invoke the CC0 license only upon successful sale of your artwork: "This artwork as NFT is offered under a Creative Commons 0 (CC0) Licence on Foundation with all rights released to the world upon successful purchase."

🐳 Whales - Be A CC0 Catalyst

Unlocking artwork for the world to remix and make derivatives isn't cheap, yet it comes with a ton of status. Punk6529 has already purchased a number of artworks and releasing their art for the world to enjoy in any way they desire.

Here is a selection of artworks currently offered for sale under a CC0 license.


The Lone Cypress by Bombay Malayali
2.00 eth

The Lone Cypress | Foundation
The Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach is one of the most photographed trees in the world and the most recognisable attraction on the 17-Mile Drive, a scenic road in …

The Emojiland by Rakesh Pulapa
2.50 eth

The Emojiland | Foundation
The image is testimony to the value of digital exploration in aerial photography. Technology today has made it possible to scout various corners of the world fr…

Motukiekie Sunset by Al Keddie
4.50 eth

Motukiekie Sunset | Foundation
Spectacular sunset colour over the Tasman Sea lights the beach and surf at Motukiekie on the West Coast of South Island, Aotearoa New Zealand. This is my firs…

SOLO by Berizzed
2.69 eth

SOLO | Foundation
Having explored Deserts and Cityscapes of UAE, I always wanted to find something different to shoot and one day I stumbled upon this place. Those layers of Mou…

Black Ice by Intrepid Photos
3.00 eth

Black Ice | Foundation
This deep blue glacial ice is over a thousand years old. Tortured and stress fractured it is hard to comprehend the scale here but at its terminus the ice in t…

Sunkissed by Dreamyscapes
3.70 eth

Sun Kissed | Foundation
The Golden Gate bridge basks in the light of golden hour, as the skyline of San Francisco looks on in the background.The Golden Gate bridge basks in the light …

Golden Taj by Dreamyscapes
1.00 eth

The Golden Taj | Foundation
“The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.”― Rabindranath TagoreOnce in a life time experience to …

The Night Crown by Djpanjanp
2.00 eth

The night crown | Foundation
Northern lights dancing over the iconic mount Kirkjufell, Iceland’s most popular mountain! Camping by the river and waiting for the aurora in eerie silence as t…

Golden Sunrise by Namrata Vedi
2.00 eth

Golden Sunrise | Foundation
My son and I have a wonderful habit of seeing the sunrise in every new place we visit. This was one of those early mornings. In 2019, we spent a short weekend i…

Far Above The Rubli
0.6 eth

Far Above The Rubli | Foundation
These mountains are perfectly oriented to get the Milky Way behind them! I Waited for a clear sky and a new moon to get serval shots of these mountains at blue …

The Great Wide Open by LCityscapes

Moon Rise by Articulate
1 eth

The Myth of Noun Derivatives by Brandonmighty

If you have an artwork or know of a collection that is CC0 not listed here, please let @mintfaced know on Twitter to be listed here.