Get Featured

Get Featured

Getting featured on MintFace gives you a way to get your art in front of two audiences:

  1. The MintFace Twitter account with over 10,000 artists and NFT collectors.
  2. The MintFace email subscription where serious collectors and fan alike can get to know you and your art, most for the first time.

MintFace researches your art, the marketplaces you're listed on and publishes an article highlighting what you're creating.

MintFace Artist Feature Form

To be considered for the feature, fill out the MintFace 100 artist feature form.

MintFace Artist Feature

Artist Application

Premium Feature (currently closed)

A premium MintFace feature includes all of the above benefits plus:

  1. You will be featured in The Minted Book across one, two or four pages, alongside artists like you who minted their art as NFTs in 2021. Learn more.
  2. You will receive a physical copy of The Minted Book, delivery included anywhere in the world!

To secure a premium feature, purchase a 1X, 2X or 4X feature on OpenSea then let us know.

The Minted Book 1X, 2X and 4X Artist Tier Features


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