Art of Liquid

Art of Liquid
Vibes by Greg Vivash on Opensea marketplace

Greg Vivash - Experimental and Abstract Photographer. Restricted through visual impairment and M.E, photography has been a lifelong passion and vocation.

"As part of my experimental work, I attempt to create beauty in the banal." says Greg.

The Art of liquid is created in the studio of Greg Vivash and is a study in the sublime that flows through us all. In the series 40 images, the cultural norms of the NFT community are acknowledged in 'Moon', 'Vibes' and 'Metaverse'.

Moon by Greg Vivash on OpenSea
"Science is a wonderful thing. It helps us understand our existence and the world around us. There is often complex science behind many everyday objects or actions. There is also an inherent beauty to these things, which is often overlooked or deemed as banal." says Greg.

Moving beyond the zeitgeist, my favourite of the collection is 'Trio'. The simplicity of form and the reductionist lime palette puts all the focus on the light beaming off the top of the two smaller bubbles clinging to their host. The fourth bubble isn't big enough to be acknowledged in Trio, yet it might be the only thing holding the rest of the show together!

Trio by Greg Vivash on OpenSea

For collectors who aren't satisfied with securing a single NFT from an artist, there is a grouping for you. 'Archipeligo', 'Islands' and 'Top of the world' are meant to stay together. Why do some collectors shop three at a time? One to sell short term, one to sell long term and one to never sell.

There's one more aesthetic I absolutely adore in this collection of calm, but I'm not going to reveal it until its safely in my wallet. For the remainder of the collection, as a MintFace reader, you're hearing it here first. The collection is 100 hours old. Vibes. 🍒

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