Constraints Are Frens

Constraints Are Frens
Under Moonlight by Yoghi Juliansa on Foundation marketplace

Constraints are usually seen as a deep ford that can't be crossed...a barrier preventing us from being all we might be. Constraints can also be frens... the boundary we gladly lean in to when creating our art. A restriction that powers our work instead of preventing it.

Art wants constraints to frame it.

Artists that lean in to constraints light the way as to what's possible within a chosen (or forced) boundary. Even Michaelangelo had to work within a constraint of a 2 year completion for the chiselling of the Statue of David after the previous artist, Agostino di Duccio left the scultpure unfinished a whole 40 years earlier.

Todays featured artist places a constraint not on the time limit to complete the art...but in the choice of art tools to create. Let's begin.

Yoghijuliansa - NFT Android Artist

Just using mobile phone for my creations // 3D artist (soon and next goal) //

The photo you're about to view might simply be a photo taken through the Android lens of Yoghi's phone.

"I always use the mobile apps to make all my works, because for me it's not a problem to hinder my creativity in making a work." says Yoghi.

On closer inspection... you might discover the reverberating hills to be the work of an editor ready to create an undulating background for the main event. The viewers eye rests on a stag staring right back at us. Did it climb there? ...or was this another PS Touch edited detail? Yoghi provides a clue in the description.

Dreamscape by Yoghi Juliansa (genesis available on Foundation secondary marketplace) 

"Follow your dreamscape... never let them down everybody gets a turn to fulfill them, you too will get it. 
Creating worlds with the ideas that show up in my head. This picture is one of the best I've done.
" says Yoghi.

In southern Sumatra, a comparatively small city called Bengkulu is home to almost 2 million people including Yoghi. I love the descriptions of each work almost as much as the art itself.

Oceans Apart by Yoghi Juliansa

"As easy as it can be to judge a scene by the surface alone , often times the most breathtaking beauty is only to be found beneath it."

Each of the scenes of Yoghi's work is created in pstouch on an Android smartphone.

Each work purchased helps an artist mint more work. 'Different Time' is the only work available on primary sale and shares two perspectives of the same view in a 10 second video.

Superb detail and hard to comprehend how this work was brought to light with the digital canvas of an Android phone paired with the free photo-editing platform PS Touch for smartphones. 🍒 Go Yoghi!!

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