Digital Sensuality

Digital Sensuality
Silhouettes, 2017 by Korbinian Vogt on the OpenSea marketplace

MintFace Artist Feature - Cryptina

Creative consistency gets rewarded with digital art as there's always a new iteration to share, compare, discuss and debate. Cryptina happily enters a new variation of her Cryptina every day. Handmade and beautifully finished details on every piece released.

I first spied her work around the end of July 2021, after the first 30 or so iterations had been freshly minted. Surprisingly, there was a plentiful choice of options... so I delayed a little...hesitated.

Back then in late July, each digital art edition was just 0.02 eth so I missed an opportunity with Cryptina #2 which had reminded me of the Avatar movie.

'Isn't avatars what this whole NFT space is about?' I thought ot myself. Well, that's why Cryptina resonated so strongly. My resolve strengthened to be part of this project that riffed off the culture of my formative years.

Her collectors aren't big show people, just a supporter of the style and her organically growing project. By the start of August, I knew this was an artist that was going somewhere. Day after day, crazy creative art shared within the constraints of the Cryptina character.

Mia Wallace is Cryptina #44, a psychedelic Smurfette appears at #49 followed swiftly by the Matrix movie's Sasha Alexandra. At #58 the Ghostbusters themed Cryptina was the right time and the right priced eth.

Cryptina - Ghostbusters themed. Who you gunna call? Ethereum!

The Cryptina Pricing Mechanic

Cryptina pricing rewards early supporters so those who were there for the release of the first 20 Cryptina, paid just 0.02. Then they went to 0.04.

By the time I was ready, the mint was 0.06 eth. Another seven art collectors have joined the project since then. Remember the Gremlins movie? That's in there too. Now as we head into Cryptina serial numbers in the 90's...each handmade Cryptina is 0.1 eth.

Beyond the art aesthetic and the effort in creating each 1 of 1 Cryptina's... .there is a 1 of 200 opportunity to win 1 eth back once all Cryptina's are released at #200.

If you purchase five at 0.04, you've got a 1 in 40 chance of 5x 'ing your money.

Cryptina is available on OpenSea while she awaits access to the Foundation marketplace. If you're on Foundation already, upvote to get her early access on the platform too.

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MintFace Sale Feature - Korbinian Vogt

The focus is the connection of human and nature, often combined with Nordic natur

Korbinian Vogt contrasts the beauty of nature with the sensual silhouettes of the female form in his series of 100 photographs. Captured in the arctic reaches of Norways glacial mountains, Korbinian's work on OpenSea has quickly found collectors who may have seen the photographic similarities to Justin Aversano's Twin Flames patina.

At The Höllental - Korbinian Vogt, 2021.

His collection started hitting the decentralised inboxes of collectors relatively quickly thanks to an under-pricing strategy that made 0.01 an easily affordable entry point for 36 collectors of Korbinian's work. Now of course, those blockchain burnt images are sold out chilling at 2 - 3 eth on secondary.

Beyond the bodies, the work struck a chord as one the last international trips I took was to climb in the glacial reaches of Jotunheimen, in Norway in the same year as some of the photographic collection was taken, so I recognise this season of nature.

In many of the photos, it's possible to interpret a sense of meaning.  I like how Korbinian returns each year to a new icy destination to explore the purity of nature juxtaposed with the naked beauty of human form.

The joy of these photographs is best enjoyed on OpenSea and perhaps increasingly so for sensual works of art. In contrast, Instagram requires the filtering out of offending pixels that render the works experience somewhat distant from what I'd expect the 26 year old Korbinian had in mind.

Printed works also available

If you prefer your digital artwork in printed format, then these are also available but not in glorious ethereum... you'll have to switch back to your credit card and might find that the digital works best serve your collecting needs!

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MintFace Artwork Feature - Roustan

I paint on people and then I photograph them. Bold Empowering Body Art for the Rebellious at Heart!

Combining the best of illustration and portrait photography is Roustan. He has been body painting for 16+ years and his work credentials are recognised by brands like Playboy, GQ, Maxim and the New York Post. Watch the hero video on own website to see the artist at work, Corona beer in one hand, painting the DNA of Covid-19 particles on to the model's glute med. The energy imbued his work is worth watching.

Back to the multitude of digital marketplaces including KnownOrigin, Foundation and Hic et Nunc where Roustan's work is available... and the sensual energy continues.

"This is the droid I've been looking for. Black light body painting in classic robotic Roustan style. Original purchase includes a tangible Infinite Object display of the NFT." says Roustan.
Robo Rump | Foundation
This is the droid I’ve been looking for. Black light body painting in classic robotic Roustan style. Original purchase includes a tangible Infinite Object displ…

Part of each sale goes to the model featured making the endeavour one that is fairly rewards all the talent on display.

Saving the best till last because I know MintFace readers tend to inhabit the eth world... Roustan on the Hic et Nunc marketplace. Wow. Just wow. The creativity is on fire 🔥🥵.

The shot angles, the colour palette across the art works and the pure relevance to the Web 3.0 metaverse where any of these glowed up characters could be walking around in.

500 tez translates into about 0.6 eth and will secure you the 1/1 edition of The Lady of LaFerla Manor pictured here.

Model - Teri Wyble. Shot on location at the home of Dominic La Ferla in Torrance, California. 
"One of the three maidens of La Ferla Manor. The Lady is the caretaker of the home, making sure the house is orderly and tidy, everything in its right proper place." says Roustan.

Listen to why Teri models and what she enjoys through the process of self-expression.

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