Canvas Mint Makers

Canvas Mint Makers
'The Stare' by Reflections Art on the OpenSea marketplace

I'm Megha (It literally means clouds) I make art and NFT's

'Every drop will be 1/1' says Megha. Now that deserves attention because there's a promise of 1/1 for future art. Back in the here and now... Reflections Art is created on a physical canvas first before being born on the blockchain. This process of canvas then NFT is surprisingly not as common as you might first think with digital art.

"I have been in the NFT space for 1 month now:) I've worked tirelessly for the last month and i'm not planning to stop anytime soon. NFT's have changed my life, I don't have to get a job that i don't like just to pay the bills. I would like to thank my collectors for supporting me." Megha.

There are 53 1/1's now released with 8 owners supporting her art since her launch a month ago. There are a couple of styles in the collection. Black Magic, In Limbo and Fallen Angel fit the starward bound dreams our ancestors may have had.

In contrast, I see a more land bound theme with the canvas drawings named Sati, Enlightenment and Trapped Lovers.

My favourite is 'Rainbow Strands' for its technicolor permed model perching westward on a Monet like energy driven background. Why I always prefer a little higher price point in a collection tells me price influences my choice....or there are others who see what I see. Hard to know in the world of subjectivity.

Rainbow Strands on OpenSea

Either way... go look. Find three and then look a little closer. Which one fills you with emotion? That is how to browse when there are no properties or rarities to calculate your decision.

If you can't bear to make an artistic purchase decision without traits guiding your way, then Megha does offer a way. Search by the 'Time' trait to discover which works take less or more time. The categories are doubled up because there's probably a 'Time' and a 'Time ' category with a space that artists should avoid (puts off collectors)... but isn't the end of the world.

Some of Megha's canvas work takes up to 12 hours such as the four below. Only 'The Stare' is available.

Traits adopted as a way of communication artist time on the canvas. Quite cool.

Sooo.... if you were wondering what Megha has to say about her process, she has some advice for artists.


If this article has made you curious about getting started with digital art, we also run the Digital Artist Economy workshop helping artists create their first digital art through a three week programme. Share it with an artist you'd like to see on an NFT marketplace.

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