­čĺžLittle Blue Splash

­čĺžLittle Blue Splash
Kid Splash #11 on OpenSea marketplace

LittleArt is a photographer based in New Zealand. "On a mission to capture and show as much beauty through my lens as I can in my lifetime."

LittleArt is one of the first graduates from the Digital Artist Economy after successfully launching her first NFT collection Little Blue Splash on the OpenSea marketplace on October 20th 2021.

"I did not realise what was going to happen when I started taking these photos. As soon as I started to review them I could see the characters. I knew at that point that I needed to draw over them to bring out their personalities. I hope that you love them as much as I do." says @littleartphotag
Little Blue Splash Art on the OpenSea Marketplace by LittleArt.

Entering the world of digital art minted on the blockchain is new to all of us, and with each splash, the water helps us rise together. Each new person dropped in­čĺž brings their personality, character...and for many of us we get to enjoy reconnecting with our truest self online. Anonymous profile pictures might play a part in relaxing our personas, as might the warmth from the NFT people we join... and I'm super glad that the talent and work ethic of LittleArt decided to join us here.

Macro photography takes patience. Water decides what water does... and in so doing creates its own shapes. Art generated without code, drop by drop.

Each perfectly poised shot, selected from the hundreds of iterations for the hand-drawn details gives Peter the Performing Seal his ball juggling abilities and Pup #04 its surfacing for air feels.

Jonny Splash #01 by LittleArt on OpenSea marketplace

LittleArt's genesis collection captures the emergence of the zany characters we all come to recognise here like @Pranksy, @Punk2476 (formerly ArtChick) and LDF. Over time we get to know the names then ultimately trust the anon profile pictures on NFT Twitter. You can meet LittleArt on Twitter too.

You might also decide that a Little Blue Splash might be the face for your voice in the NFT art scene.

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