Magical Realism

Magical Realism
Memories and Light by Mr Jon Kane on KnownOrigin marketplace

Painting with photographs doesn't take the world arond us at its word. Instead, each photo is merely the raw ingredients to build upon a more realistic version of the scene as imagined by the artist. Magical realism enters the room... in the form of Mr. Jon Kane.

Mr. Jon Kane

Motion Art & Photography - lens, light, raw data!

Genesis Ceylon by Mr Jon Kane on KnownOrigin marketplace

Our eye isn't fooled that Genesis Ceylon is an earthly location, yet the purple haze settling over the scene suggests otherwise. I'm conflicted on what to believe, and here in lies the joy of magical realism. We believe and mistrust our eyes in equal measure, allowing the sliver of suspended belief to capture our minds for a moment.

Ok, probably getting carried away here. Let's look at another of Jon's works.

Symmetric Multiprocessor by Mr Jon Kane on KnownOrigin

An unseen force pushes aside the cloud forming an eliptical worm-hole through to a mis-shapen moon setting at none of its familar phases. What do our are do with this information? It doesn't compute. I gaze lower towards the horizon and the birds are flying in equal and opposite formations confirming that all is not as it seems in the Wizard of Oz. A pure symphony here of nature and synthetic, mirror at the halfway mark to deliver two scenes in one phase.

If you like Symmetric Multiprocessor, go an enjoy the video version.

"Symmetric multiprocessing or shared-memory multiprocessing is a computing term in which two or more processors are connected to a single, shared memory. Art is a the unified language by which we can interpret and experience the shared human memory and symmetry is like the language of love, a familiar voice which speaks to the soul." says Jon.

Back in the real world, Jon spends his time surrounded by nature in and around New Zealand's most populous city of Auckland.

He also writes an email shining light on favorite finds and the Art of Art to calm the mind! Read the latest one here.

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