Hope by Wissam Eid on OpenSea marketplace

Wissam Eid - Visual artist based in Beirut with a growing interest in NFTs, symmetry and psychic automatism.

"I'm a visual artist based in Beirut, Lebanon, with a recent interest in Psychic Automatism & Symmetry. I mainly work digitally, and I'm interested in translating the human psyche into visual forms." Wissam Eid.

Symmetry is such a pleasing attribute to our human eyes and one that features consistently in the Psychic Automatism style he's been expirementing with.

Grasp by Wissam Eid on Foundation marketplace

'Grasp' incorporates the stares of 30 eyes looking around the virtual room we share. The only eyes not joining in are a night shaped sleeping face at the base of the frame. Could this be her dream of flourishing sunflowers twisted amongst streams of digital DNA. So where does the symmetry come in?

The triangle of focus originates from three points. The white sticker eye overlaid in the top right, the square eye in the bottom right and the end rush of the red stream in the top right. Of course that's what I see... you may arrive at different points of focus based on the colours, particularly the red eyes.

"Psychic Automatism is a drawing technique that helps translate thoughts and feelings through mindlessly drawing, and i think it's opening a door for me." Wissam Eid.

Wissam's genesis art on Foundation is 'Reverie', and it makes the symmetrical balance more explicit in creating a full frontal mask from each individual element.

Reverie by Wissam Eid on Foundation marketplace

The flowers have changed, the white sticker is there again, this time as a speech bubble. I'm curious about the symbolism of the red object inside the speech bubble. A signature of Wissam's two Foundation artworks so far...

One of his Covid Instagram stories includes the title 'transcribing human panic to visual forms' and 'Research in times of corona.' What do you see now?

Wissam's Crypto Reveries collection on OpenSea are more descriptive with 'Pleasure & Pain', 'Inhalation', 'Happiness', 'Hope' and Covid Cyclamens... a European plant of the primrose family.

"Drawing has been hard in the circumstances we're living in, my brain is not giving me the space to release a constant creative flow. and I've been looking for a comfortable place where it's easy to express myself through drawing without needing to focus or brainstorm beforehand, making the process much easier." Wissam Eid.

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