Support Female Artists

Support Female Artists
Plastic World by Linda Kristiansen

The best art is the art you love. The next best art to support is made by people who can make a difference to the community. Artists that want the right things for the NFT space are worth talking about and few could say it better than Klara Vollstaedt, so let's start with Klara.

MintFace Artist Feature - Klara Vollstaedt

Klara's NFT's are available on the Rarible marketplace under the name KBots. Here you'll find multiple edition KBOTS that have been designated for production by KlaraLabs.

Klara also displays her favourite digital art in a fully immersive 3D experience definitely worth trying out on Cyber.

The portrait of Klara in her colletion was minted by Cryptopom two months earlier, who had this to say about the artist:

"A portrait to celebrate all of the wonder, joy and hilarity that is the incredible Klara Vollstaedt."

Klara is a transfem artist from Canada who's work analyses the divide between the digital and the real world, and the personas and relationships.

Vessel - watch the full 3D video 
"This is a piece documenting the start of my transition and the effects of GAHT shifting your physical form to be unrecognizable from what you are familiar with. I am coming to terms with the fact that the traces of my former self are contained within my cellphone and on the internet. I want this piece to serve as a canopic jar of sorts, to contain the memory of what I used to look like and the battle I went through to get where I am now."

Much of Klara's artwork is about her personal journey with NFT's named 'The first 365 days', 'Routine', 'Shame' and 'Clockable'.

MintFace Sale Feature - Gossamer

I first discovered Gossamer when putting together the slides for the Digital Artist Economy. Here is one of the slides.

Now I check back just a few weeks later and her genesis work Mrammou is sold out!

You might be able to pick up a work on the secondary market via the OpenSea marketplace like Mrammou #9.

Mrammou #9 on OpenSea

This speaks to the potent future of this new art space to help communities of artists and collectors doe better for each other. Gossamer says it best here:

MintFace Artwork Feature - Plastic World

Linda Kristiansen's collection Plastic World, represents a specific issue with plastic pollution. Seacreatures choking on plastic and microplastic entering our bodies through food. The series was made by Linda over a period of four to five months in Norway.

It portrays a frightening future where plastic is everywhere and our children and grand-children look down instead of up at us.

The series was exhibited all summer of 2019 in Oslo Harbour and also at the Oslofjord-museum the same year.

The digital artwork are available as high resolution PNG's and sold with non-commercial rights so feel free to print and frame in your home or workplace.

There are three left from the series of 18 items as I write this. Plastic World #4 has to be my favourite because of how the subject is placed underwater, where the the mostly invisible harm of plastic currently lurks.  

Linda has introduced her art personally in a 38 second video Tweet. This brings a deeper level of artist authenticity and transparency to her work, making it easier for collectors to purchase.

I would strongly recommend artists consider introducing their work personally by video when just beginning in the NFT world, to help establish their digital provenance on newer platforms.

If this article has made you curious about getting started with digital art, we also run the Digital Artist Economy workshop helping artists create their first digital art through a three week programme. Share it with an artist you'd like to see on an NFT marketplace.

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