500 Ladies

500 Ladies
500 Ladies by FirstLady on OpenSea

500 Ladies is an epic project dreamed up by FirstLady to hand make 500 Ladies. Each was handcrafted into an actual miniature lady complete with flowing dresses and manufactured heads.

"All the ladies are distinct individuals, and can be thought of as representing the huge variety of roles for women in contemporary society, from mothers to doctors and from engineers to artists." says FirstLady.

"500 Ladies also blurs and merges stereotypical ideas of male and female work. The combination of crafted and manufactured objects highlights the similarities between men and women, rather than their differences, in that they have both had a role in creating objects and a role as a means of creation." says FirstLady.

The collection of 500 is being released 100 at a time. You can collect points with each lady that can be redeemed for epic FREE airdrops. For example, search for ladies with higher points. If your collection of ladies is 2,500+ or higher, you will receive a personalised NFT displaying your individual colllection of ladies together.

Collect multiple ladies with higher points to be eligible for a personalised collection airdrop.

Roadmaps give collectors certainty and sometimes a cause. This art project does both. It rewards women artists in NFT's by reinvesting a considerable proportion of sales back into female artists...because yes we all know that the space needs balancing up.

You can stroll through an OnCyber gallery to get the full impact of seeing 100 of the 500 Ladies together in one place.

"I was always taught that you have to get everything down on paper before you start creating, but my brain doesn't work like that. I just started creating and then more ideas came." says First Lady.

Lady #092 on OpenSea at 0.04 eth

There are Rares with names like AC/DC, Afro, Electric Girl, The Artist and The Collector.

The Connector Lady #094 on OpenSea

You can also sort by the accessory each Lady carries such as Handbag, bracelet, belt, necklace, scarf... or the rarers of feather boa, trousers and diamond buttons!

Sort by accessory style showing handbags and bracelets

"The contemporary women of 500 Ladies can be whoever they want to be and, collectively, make a positive statement about what the future will look like." says FirstLady.

View the 500 Ladies collection on OpenSea.

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