Extra Artistic Effort

Extra Artistic Effort
Magusz art illustrated by hand on an iPad Pro with Procreate. 

The digital marketplace rewards extra artistic effort as much as the crafting of a solid narrative around your work. Today's artist, artwork and sale is a hat tip to the effort that goes in to creating their art.

MintFace Sale Feature - Magusz

My digital paintings are in line with my life experience on personal growth, spirituality and reflection / critique.

Dance for freedom....dance for life... dance for humanity are three of the titles of illustrated art by Magusz.

"Dance for Humanity is an android that dances to become human. That wants to connect with the human nature of creation and movement and ultimately become human. 
Could an android be programmed to dance?" asks Magusz.
150 editions are minted of Dance for Humanity on Rarible.

Dance for Humanity is just one option if you're vibing with Magusz style... you might like to take a closer look at Night Dancers currently listed at just 0.015 eth.

Night Dancers a 150 edition illustration available on the OpenSea marketplace
"The freedom of 2 dancers that enjoy life. Connected with each other and with themselves. A vibrant world of movement and connection where nothing else matters. The dance creates color and the color dances with the human figures. Interconnection between everything." says Magusz.

You can now see these dancers in full movement thanks to Magusz latest 1/1 work on the Foundation marketplace with bidding on at 0.2 eth thanks to @NFTurbo.

...and Magusz goes the extra effort by making a merch range of clothing available to collectors as well including the Night Dancers.

MintFace Artist Feature - Chris James at Articulate.eth

A picture is worth a thousand words. I'm fascinated by big ideas, photography, NFTs, Web3, permaweb and blockchain tech. p is greater than 0.05 be warned.

Artists tend to be rewarded more for explicit effort in creation and nothing says effort like developing your own photographic film rolls. There is something quite back to the future about minting digital art derived from analog film developed in a darkroom and the Pixel and Grain Collective of which artist Chris James is a part of, believes there might be something to the analogue to blockchain creative process

While generative art minted on the blockchain is a relatively new concept, generative art is all around us...if we care to look according to Chris James at Articulate.eth.

"Nature as generative art, stored permanently on a blockchain that incentivises data reproduction and propagation forward in time, released into a crazy NFT mania with all the potential for reward and disaster of home-developing film." Chris James at Articulate.eth.

Chris James is one of eight Australian photographers creating unique photographic art using vintage film and digital techniques.  They are driven by ideas and kindness, and not afraid to experiment, share and fail. You'll find their work listed on OpenSea under the Pixel and Grain Collective.

From a distance, like much of the generative art space, there's more to discover by leaning further inwards.

This collection of 1/1 images by Chris James (articulate.eth / filmplusdigital) were made with the Melaleuca quinquenervia (Paperbark) tree, native to Eastern Australia.

According to the Bark Block Series 1 listing on OpenSea, the Paperbark is used in traditional medicine, cooking and building. In it's native environment it is a strong, useful tree covered in fine, soft bark.

I just love this line...'this bark gives the distinctive, fingerprint-like quality to its trunk.'

"I have been fascinated by the unique bark patterns since childhood. These photos emerge from that fascination but also combine ideas from blockchain technology. Each photo is verifiably unique, similar and repetitive." says Chris James at Articulate.eth.

Chris' art is also available on the Koi.rocks site by employing the use of ARWeave technology. On Koi Rocks, whenever your NFT is viewed by someone, regardless of whether or not they buy it, you earn attention rewards in the form of $KOI. Once a day you receive a payment in $KOI based on who has looked at your NFT’s on the Koi network. The Koi Network approaches media ownership and viewership rewards in an entirely new way. Pretty cool.

The question I have after reading up on Chris work and his approach... is which photographic medium is best for 100 year art permanence? Archival photography paper, blockchain records with IPFS... or a combination of both?

MintFace Artwork Feature - Aaron Lazansky

Aaron aka DJ SpazeCraft One, conducts many of his flagship multi-media interactive arts & music/media workshops throughout the three boroughs of NYC: The Bronx, Manhattan, & Staten Island.

Way before the pandemic changed everything... you'd probably discover his work as the backdrop to some tunes being spun up for the night in those same boroughs.

In Plain Sight 7-20-19 @nothing_neue DJ Set1 Brooklyn.

After receiving an invitation from Zachallia to join the Foundation marketplace, Spazecraft created his genesis piece named Memory ov an Echo.

"Celebrating the 12 year anniversary as a living kidney donor (to mizlife7) is my gen 60 sec. journey in cellular memory, impermanence & sharing life beyond boundaries." says Spazecraft.

The 60 second journey is for you to watch and enjoy without an exchange of eth. Howeve if you decide to join Spazecraft, he will oblige with a 30 mnute live AV performance over Zoom! What? Yes. This NFT isn't just art...it's a live performance for you...for you and your friends... or you and the whole Zoom block. The combination of physical and digital experience is the first I've discovered and shows what's possible when an artists makes explicit effort for its collectors.

The performance isn't ephermeral either as the collector will also be offered 12 random stills as high resolution eco-friendly analog prints as a permanent physical memory of the experience.

Congratulations Spazecraft of shifting your work from a three borough circumference to a global art collecting and experiencing scene.

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