Early Support Rewards

Early Support Rewards
Generative Gradient Squares on OpenSea by CryptoMoron

You're not supposed to ever listen to what a moron says... except in crypto lands that saying is flipped on its head.

When CryptoMoron released 100 gradient squares, there was the promise that you'd be rewarded when more were released.

So when the generative squares launched this week, those 100 people who had an OG gradient got the opportunity to pick up an extra couple for free.

Gradient Squares - CryptoMoron

Gradient Squares on OpenSea

Here's the four that MintFace minted in their cubed glory from the limited edition set of 2,500 unique 1/1's.  

The original Gradient Square #95 that entitled MintFace to picking up #195 and #196 at mint.

These truly look beautiful on their own... the simplicity gets me. Together as a tryptich of three on horizontal format or four as a square...well if you're in to generative and Art Blocks is too rich for your blood... these are the kinds of independent art projects you can get started with.

Of course the art has to speak to you. Yes they're just a square within a square... but great art doesn't have to be complex either.

I do enjoy generative art and this gradient square thing spoke to me in the way that a Rothko might when you feel its weight as you stand in front of it at the Tate Modern in London or MOMA in New York.

A 1961 Rothko
"Rothko suffered through a series of complex failures before reaching the endpoint of simplicity." Becky Jewell

Unlike A Rothko, these Gradient Squares present with the technicolour glow that is reflected in the warmth you begin to feel being in the NFT space community. If that's getting a bit ott for you, remember that the traits give you a way for sorting for your favourites or discovering a generated square with an extra helping of a colour you like or a design feature you admire.

Gradient Square #195 subtley talks up it's legendary pink background and it's white pink square for example.

It's hip to be square again.

Mint A Gradient Square at gradientsquares.xyz.

If this article has made you curious about getting started with digital art, we also run the Digital Artist Economy workshop helping artists create their first digital art through a three week programme. Share it with an artist you'd like to see on an NFT marketplace.

MintFace surfaces great artists and artworks so you don't have to.

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