Geodetic Moments

Geodetic Moments
Geodetic Moment #16

Geodetic moments is a creative endevour by MintFace and also a shill of my own work. Hopefully if you can look past that and simply enjoy the view...then you'll learn a little about this photograph series and what makes me tick.

Here we go.

MintFace Artist Feature

I developed my first roll of Ilford 400 ASA film when I was 16 years old. The wardrobe became my darkroom. Since then I've rarely been disconnected from the medium of photographs.

Geodetic Moments explores what you might see on the horizon, by measuring where you stand right now. Small shifts in our position can dramatically change what we see.

Look forward and see what’s possible or look back and see how far you've come.

Either way, it's almost always about perspective.


Geodetic markers are dotted all around New Zealand helping us plot where we in relation to everything else. I love them. They are beacons with a magnetic attraction to see up close. They are also a place that helps to refill my creativity.

Geodetic Moment #1 (facing forward)

Each visual coordinate was captured at the summit of Pukekura Hill, a 127 metre amble upwards on the East Coast of New Zealand.

One coordinate faces forwards to the future. One coordinate faces backwards to the past.

Geodetic Moment #5 (facing backward)

Both represent where we stand now. We are all co-ordinates of points on the surface of the Earth.

Each NFT includes traits unique to the co-ordinates of the day and the direction of view. Each trait reveals a deeper dialogue of what has gone before or what still lies in front of us.  

Each Geodetic Moment has up to 12 traits. 

The first 20 of 100 unique 1/1 editions are now on pre-release available to mint here. Un-lockable content includes a high resolution downloadable 4000 x 3000 file stored on IPFS.

The owner of each Geodetic Moment NFT has the right to use the image for personal use and commercial use (with permission) while they own the NFT.

View Geodetic Moments on OpenSea.

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