From 0.1 eth to 300 eth

From 0.1 eth to 300 eth
Million Token Website - an NFT recently purchased by Pixlpa.

It's possible to get distracted by big prices, and ignore the art style you like that is literally staring you in the face. Today's MintFace reveals an artist, an artwork and an art sales that are available for under 0.1 ethereum... a couple of success stories about art collectors and traders that we're here to celebrate.

MintFace Artist Feature

SacredVoo grabbed my attention on Twitter by proposing an NFT 2021 Awards for creators.

That tweet led me to discover her work on the OpenSea marketplace.

Sacred Voo is influenced by the Mastery of imperfections. Colorful yet carefree expressions to brighten your world. She encourages you to explore the child within  through her eye-catching beautifully imperfect vibrant art creations.

"I failed sooo many times, but I still keep going. I keep going because art is my obsession which makes me question my sanity…. Though I have no sales I feel successful already. That's weird." SacredVoo.

There are ten editions available for each work with titles like Rich Kid, At The Beach, NFT All Stars, Cosmic Teddy and Fishing for Ether... many providing commentary on the digital art space we collectively inhabit here.

Personally I'm loving the title Queen of JPG's to her digital artwork by the same name, that suggests this may be a self portrait in all its pretty neon glory. There's a playfulness and energy to her style that I vibe with.

Queen of JPG's is a 1/3 edition

When we talk to people about getting started in the NFT space, SacredVoo is the kind of art that you can find for just 0.01 eth... from an artist with potential... where you can be the first purchaser of her art.

Having recently sold my first 1/1 from the NFT Lady collection, I know that feeling and it's a gift to give to an artist beginning on their NFT mint and sales journey... if of course you like the art.

Time to decide on a SacredVoo digital canvas... or keeping reading for the next MintFace feature.

MintFace Artwork Feature - The Million Token website

The Million Token website is a riff on an earlier project by a kid wanting to pay off his student tuition fees by creating the Million Dollar Homepage. Brands, individuals and a bunch of casinos added their logo and enshrined in web history is a million pixels, each worth $1 each that made Alex Tew a millionaire and created a piece of web history that continues to exist today.

The Million Token website land grab is on now...and for 0.1 eth you too can enshrine your logo... your brand... your artwork on the Million Token website (MTW).

Is it art? I don't know yet. It might become art as the digital canvas starts to develop.

The grid is a 1000 by 1000 pixel grid for sale on the Ethereum network with each 5x5 pixel plot as its own Non Fungible Token (NFT).

Paris Hilton has got on the case early, as has a Bored Ape Yacht Club avatar and a CryptoPunk.

You can buy your own spot in NFT history on the Million Token Website from just 0.1 eth.

If you'd like to see the MintFace logo enshined on the Million Token Website, send 0.3 eth to ryanjennings.eth and with 15 people contributing (should be easy) the logo should be a decent size.

MintFace Art Sale Feature - from sub 0.1 eth mints to 300 eth

Collectors are doing well in the NFT space so rather than focussing on an art sale, here are a couple of collectors that started by collection digital art worth under 0.1 eth and have ended up doing quite well.

Disco.eth got airborne on Hashmasks, Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club with potential for more as normie's get exposed to what's going on via the next Christie's auction.

Another success story is Dose.eth who has cashed out from eth to put his family ahead while also continuing to play in NFT's.  

I asked what projects have helped him the most and it came down to supporting just two projects early on at mint... and getting lucky with a couple of rare ones.


If you are the type of art collector that looks at art liquidity ie: what you might be able to sell your collection for, then the service by NFTommo might be for you.

There are 593 premium members at last count who connect their digital art to the site and get a total expected valuation figure in return.

If you're the kind of person that wants to see how the FameLadySquad crash and subsequeny rise from the ashes has affected your position, then go take a look.

The cost is a one off fee of 0.1 eth. I probably need to sign up for

wgmi stands for 'we're going to make it' in case you're new here :)

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