Alternate Infrared Reality

Alternate Infrared Reality
Ghost Ship by Trent North on KnownOrigin

Once you see something you thought was familiar in an entire new light, there's no going back. Computers can see better than humans and armed with a monotone infrared wavelength, the results reveal a more of the unseen world around us.

Trent North - Photographer

Photographic Visual Artist ~ Travel // Infrared // URBEX // Outdoors and Coffee

Trent North shoots on a modified camera that captures the invisible light that us meatsacks can't see with our eyes. The image 'Final Voyage' hasn't been manipulated in Photoshop for what you might deduce as a colour manipulation. The image is finished with an opposite false-colour scheme and that's it.

Final Voyage by Trent North on KnownOrigin

What the hey is a false-colour scheme? Something that copy and pastes specific colours in the photo. The grass growing around the BA64 ship isn't likely to be such as vibrant hay colour... instead of the expected green. I'm guessing maybe a near infrared red light makes the difference but maybe Trent can correct me.

"I shoot the pictures with a digital camera that has been modified with an infrared filter placed over the CMOS sensor inside (so, it only records the infrared light allowed past the filter). It is a dedicated Nikon DSLR that only shoots infrared in the 590nm wavelength." says Trent.

The gist of cameras that see with infrared light is, it highlights the difference between clouds, ice, and snow, all of which are white in visible light. Look how blue the sky is. That's infrared vibes.

Final Voyage is one of three released genesis works by Trent North.

I'm a big fan of constrained art launches with a small collection. There is a confidence in simplicty. A triptych (fancy word I like from TradArt meaning three) is easy for a collector to decide 'I like this style' or 'ngmi' at a glance.

Trent's collection says, 'yep, I'll take the Ghost Ship' then I'm weighing up between the remaining two.

Trent North genesis collection on KnownOrigin

For collectors that don't vibe with a look, it's an easy move on to another artist and that's ok too. From NFT Twitter, the vibe so far from photographers who get the false-color technique, they recognise what's going on here.

For collectors who may not 'get' some of the technical brilliance of your art, it can pay to be more explicit. Or if you'd prefer to not steal the gift of surprise, having a sub tweet thread full of 'we like the false-color photos' helps build credibility in an yet to be informed collectors mind.

Trent North is a Chicago-based photographic visual artist, creating art in both the infrared and visible light spectrums. His genres include travel, infrared, URBEX, and outdoors. His passion is to capture the splendor of the world in unique and interesting ways to share with others. 🌎

πŸ’ View Trent North's collection on KnownOrigin.

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