Baptism of Light

Baptism of Light
Chronostasis by ThinSlicePhoto on Foundation

ThinSlicePhoto - Visual artist - Cinema, Photo, Virtual.
Playing with light focusses us to understand what's being said in an image. A restrained colour palette is a big part of the work of @thinslicephoto.

"Thin-slicing is the ability to find patterns based only on 'thin slices', or narrow windows, of experience. This is a governing ideal in my work." @ThinSlicePhoto

Their first photo Baptism of Light froze me to the spot. The ochre glow sets the scene and the symmetry puts your right in the conversation with the two of them.

Baptism of Light by ThinSlicePhoto on OpenSea

I'm curious what are they discussing? He's listening with a notepad to her speaking assisted with hand gestures. What are they saying? The beauty of restrained colour palettes, is exactly this closer inspection of the art. Ohhhh... and then the secret was revealed in a short video story.

The best art reaches deep into our own feelings and conveys those to the viewer. If you can make someone feel something through... you have a unique talent. Sean Conte has an innate skill of communicating emotion through light.

"If you let it, light will tell its own story. Somewhere between the eye and the soul, light lives and moves and affects. Its greatest quality is not illumination, but transcendence. It can touch the heart, shift perception and display the expanse of time. Bathe a story in the right light and you won't need to look for a meaning; it will be felt." @ThinSlicePhoto.

Creators who make a living from commercial media IRL, have a dual community role. They're able to bridge their style aesthetic from the commercial world to NFT's as we've seen above. They're also able to introduce our NFT vibes into their commercial clients world.

Sean plays on this dual community edge being based in Los Angeles working as a cinematographer in commercials, films and music videos. He’s shot for world-renowned clients including Nike, Lululemon, LucasFilm, Turkish Airlines and W Hotels to name a few.

Maybe nows the time to invest in an artist who has a bigger audience beyond NFTs.

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