Listen To NFT Audio

Listen To NFT Audio
Marinda.eth on KnownOrigin

Listening to NFT's isn't the norm yet...even for us committed JPEG collectors. Creating and making a success of audio NFT's is possible and 3LAU has shown that by getting paid $11 million up front payment for his auditory genius. Not every artist can expect a seven figure payday from their NFT album, but even 1% of $11m would be an improvement on today's 'create now and we'll pay you for your stream later' model.

Chris Dixon recently said on the Tim Ferriss show that only 18,000 musicians are making more than $US50,000 per year from their streaming. I hear disruption coming. Let's listen to a track we all need to hear to slow down a little on the NFT autobahn.

Marinda.eth meditation tracks on Foundation marketplace

Meditation with Marinda.eth

Marinda.eth brings meditation to our metaverse in both forest and beach flavours so far with promises of more soundscapes to select describing different South African scenery. Why might you buy an audio NFT when you can just 'right click and listen?' As of the end of October, OnCyber galleries support audio NFT's as a selectable ambient soundtrack of a gallery.

"I love texture, the power of words, storytelling in all its forms and working with physical materials. I've always had the ability to spot what I call “little earthquakes” (a term coined by singer Tori Amos), these tiny moments in life." says Marinda.eth.

Marinda is a voice over artist, puppeteer, poet and performer in Virtual Reality, based in South Africa. Her audio first approach on Foundation isn't the only place to find Marinda's exploratory stories. On KnownOrigin her voice is paired with visuals hyper close-up stitching that connects the poetry of words in an abstracted way. Each NFT is spoken word video poetry.

Marinda.eth on KnownOrigin marketplace

'Holiday Vids' explores the theme of our scarce time on this planet, through the lens of a holiday moment of bliss. Unlike the mortal world, each of Marinda's stories will last beyond most of us, giving the next generation a way to time travel back to the early 21st century.

"This is my KO genesis project, a collection of ten spoken-word poems about family, the self and death. The collection is called: A sense of belonging. As we are all finding our feet in this wonderful new world of the metaverse, I find it interesting to juxtapose those feelings with the intensity of our mundane existence IRL. I explain the inspiration for each poem towards the end of the film. Each work contains macro-filmmaking footage of 1/1 hand-painted watercolour covers and are voiced by a professional voice over artist (me :))."

This collection will be followed up with a different token-release project that provides access to the e-book poetry anthology.

Getting accepted for KnownOrigin isn't guaranteed for artists. I have seen many rejections on Twitter and many reapplications. Unlike Foundation, KnownOrigin don't accept invitations. It is a curated platform that by its very nature nudges you to create in your own style. Marinda.eth has done that and more. Her genesis piece began trending on the platform on 26th October 2021! Love to see it. 🥰

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