Hic et Nunc WTF?

Hic et Nunc WTF?
Kim-pinktofuart on the Hic et Nunc marketplace

Let's be honest. We've all been avoiding supporting artists who mint their artwork on Hic et Nunc because it's complex to setup. I should have been over there a lot earlier than this and so today's MintFace features the work of three artists I've discovered on HEN (Hic et Nunc).

If you're new to HEN, you'll probably need some time to get your head around finding art on there. I'm going to do a video series on this shortly, so make sure you subscribe by email to receive.

If you're interested in the backstory of HEN including who Rafael Lima is and why Hic Et Nunc was created, read this article by Matheus Siqueira.

MintFace Artist Feature - Çağrı Taskin

Hic et Nunc profile
3D visualization, photogrammetry, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and computer simulations.

Generative Art doesn't have to be out of the Art Blocks factory to rock your world. Çağrı is the founder of Odd Viz, a company that specialises in photogrammetry in visual arts.

Çağrı calls Istanbul, Turkey home with his work showing across countries and continents in Moscow, Milan, London and Venice to name a few. He's been featured in Time Magazine for Odd Viz painstaking work photographing the insides of a hotel and then stitching the 10,000 images together to reveal a new perspective in what a building photographed in its entirety might show.

Latent Loops includes Kreuzberg, Selfie and my favourite Kadikoy.

Kadikoy is a generative study of bollards that were painted by the community during the Gezi uprising back in 2013 and became significant street objects of the town. There are 6 of the 10 editions of Kadikoy remaining on the HEN marketplace as I write this.

What even is generative art? Well take the Selfie by Çağrı. AI generated the final video after being 'trained up' with 500 photographs. You can pick up one of the five editions (two left).

Çağrı is part of a virtual crypto art residency program and started minting his art in March 2021.

MintFace Sale Feature - Aranya

Hic et Nunc profile
Generative interactive art, immersive experiences, games for museums and experimental electronic music.

Mandalas are a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures and can be quite easy to be entranced by. Aranya's Mandala Bloom is of the generative kind, with a far flashier persona (in a good way) than some of his other mandalas on HEN.

Based in New York city, Arayna's daytime work can be found in places you'll know by name like the Smithsonian Institute.

"Potion partnered with the Smithsonian, the country’s leading cultural biographer and its media counterpart, to launch a one-of-a-kind interactive table and programmable LED wall in their original 19th century headquarters."

Aranya also generates music into each art piece. You can listen directly to some of the soundtracks on SoundCloud. How cool is this one called Morgenstern!

...ok one more... Bloom Echo is a generative sound toy.

"Time spent with Bloom Echo is reflected in a constantly shifting generative image on screen." Aranya.

Thanks to @du5t for nominating Aranya and putting this into my Twitter feed. Yes I've picked up one of the 15 editions available!

MintFace Artwork Feature - Kim Pinktofu_art

Likes to paint badass women in vibrant colors.
Hic et Nunc profile

Kim is a freelance illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden who is represented by The Bright Agency. The neon colours that shine through her sold works like Severance, Nova and Gemini feel like what the lobby of a NFT hotel might feel like.

Recent CryptoArt sales for Kim Pinktofu_art

While surfing the dark black screens of Hic et Nunc, a particular image glowed through my late night screening.

A little tribute to how much I've enjoyed being both an artist and a collector on H=N 100 editions
"A little tribute to how much I've enjoyed being both an artist and a collector on H=N" Kim Pinktofu_art

For 6.9 Tez one of the remaining 93 editions could be sitting on your HEN profile. Once you've done your collecting, go and follow Kim's work on Twitter. Just stunning.

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