Your MintFace Invitation

Your MintFace Invitation

MintFace has reached the milestone of featuring the NFT's of 50 artists from all around the world... including you!

We truly are a global community with artists in Saudi Arabia, Pennsylvania, US, Singapore, Florida US, Germany, Australia, Cyprus, New York US, Ohio US, Illinois US, Sweden and New Zealand!

Because we can't all get together IRL, I'm offering you a different sort of invitation for your NFT artist frens.

Nominate 1-2 artists you recommend to be featured on MintFace and I'll do the rest.

Share the 'Get Nominated' form with them or DM them this tweet.

The real fun begins once I've featured the genius of 100 artists. Check on the MintFace100 that your artist description and art category is correct.

Have a great weekend!


If this article has made you curious about getting started with digital art, we also run the Digital Artist Economy workshop helping artists create their first digital art through a three week programme. Share it with an artist you'd like to see on an NFT marketplace.

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