Matt Doogue

Matt gets up close in nature to show us the multitude of life going about its business around us. Matt's work invites us into the intricate nature of the almost imperceptible lives of the tiniest of creatures.

Matt Doogue
'A Face Full' by Matt Doogue available for 0.772 eth

The most amazing creatures stored forever on the blockchain.
Published with National Geographic, Canon, BBC Earth.

Matt gets up close in nature to show us the multitude of life going about its business around us. Matt's work invites us into the intricate nature of the almost imperceptible lives of the tiniest of creatures.

'Hang on in there!' acquired by NorcalGuy
'A beautiful Bee hangs upside down on the inside of this small flower. This image always reminds to hang on, to keep going when times are tough.' Matt Doogue.

MintFace has been a fan of Matt's work for some time both for its technical standard and for the deeper message to all forms of life to persist through struggle. Matt is a walking, talking demonstration of the ethos and can be found keeping himself accountable by sharing his latest multi-kilometre rowing stretch on crypto Twitter.

Matt's macro photography is a popular selection for curation and has appeared in the collections of Noble Gallery, 6529 Memes and MINTED book to date.

'THE ICHNEUMON WASP' curated in Noble Gallery
"The ichneumon wasp is a type of parasitic wasp that belongs to the family Ichneumonidae. They are named after the ancient Greek word ""ichneumon,"" which means ""tracker"" or ""hunter."" Ichneumon wasps are found all over the world, with over 100,000 species identified so far. The adult ichneumon wasp does not harm humans or other animals; they primarily feed on nectar and pollen from flowers." Matt Doogue
'Meme Colony' curated in 6529 Memes
'Together we fight for Decentralization. Together we Seize the Memes of Production. We Are Colony.' Matt Doogue
Eye of the forest curated for MINTED book published Feb 28th 2022

Unfortunately one of Matt's earliest works, 'Eye of the forest' was burnt so now can only be found in printed form. I encourage artists not to burn their work especially their earliest mints... but also understand that each of us get to decide how we show up on the blockchain...and that perception can evolve over time...requiring pruning and a

'Same Storm, Different Boats'

One of my favorite works from Matt Doogue is 'Same Storm, Different Boats' showing that at all levels there is both struggle and reward for those in the game. Seeing the ant sailing the great oceans... that we perceive as a mere backyard puddle is a delightful narrative for how we go about our days in crypto.

'We've all been this Ant, sailing in a vast ocean, not knowing if we will make it.'
'Same Storm, Different Boats' collected by 6529 Museum
"This ocean, is actually my old garden bird bath which was sat underneath a blossom tree. The Ants would scale the bird bath and grab the bird seed to bring back to the colony. I was topping up the feeder when I noticed this one Ant was stranded on a petal, sailing in the bird bath. It took hundreds of shots to get the Ant in the correct space. I rescued the Ant after. This shot went viral, and was stolen around the world, I never received any payments from the copyright infringements." Matt Doogue.

Matt Doogue Collectoors

Matt has an enviable collectoor base that helps signify the level of art he is playing at in the highly competitive sub category of macro photography. Artifaction, Norcal Guy, Cyborg Nomad, 6529 Museum, Tapir One, Deeze, Klutch, FrankieDTankie, Funghible have all collected either SuperRare and Foundation works.

Matt Doogue SuperRare collectooors

Beyond the micro world of insects, there are three 'ice scapes' revealing the tiniest of details of frozen water.

Frosted Chromatics

Frosted Chromatics is perhaps my favorite...for both the composition placing the delicate crystals on a bed of light at the centre of the shot.

"The intricate shapes and patterns of the ice crystals are made even more stunning by the way light is refracted through them, creating a spectrum of colours." Matt Doogue

'Frosted Chromatics' is available on SuperRare for 1.0 eth.

If you are looking for a deal on one of Matt's earliest editions...try putting in an offer on one of his Manifold contract 1/30 or 1/20 editions such as 'The Eyes Have It'. πŸ’πŸ‘€