CheckID Crypto Startup

CheckID is a new 'Crypto as a Service' CAAS startup focussed on task-based services that make crypto life easier for collectors, investors and artists.

CheckID Crypto Startup
Don't Trust. CheckID. Founded by MintFace

CheckID is a new 'Crypto as a Service' CAAS startup focussed on task-based services that make crypto life easier for collectors, investors and artists.

"CheckID connects you with trusted people before you transact." MintFace

Saying 'DYOR' to someone is great if you are confident they will know what to look for. In many cases, 'DYOR' or 'FAFO' are not suitable strategies in crypto. Checking with someone who has deep domain expertise is often a more prudent approach.

CheckID founded by MintFace

One CheckID Setup Vault is one of the first CheckID services to find product / market fit by providing a fully outsourced vault setup service based on industry best practice that secures over $100 billion dollars of digital assets. Often people feel uneasy about the potential of losing generational wealth stored in a single hot or hardware wallet...and feel stuck on what to do next.

CheckID Setup Vault removed the technical and time friction from the decision to get protected. In the first week since launch, over a dozen people have requested the CheckID Vault setup service on Safe. Part of the renewed urgency occurring in the wake of artist Matt Scobel being hacked.

CheckID Vault Setup service

Vault Setup asks for just six fields of information to setup a Vault on your behalf that only you control.

CheckID Setup Vault on Safe technology that secures $100bn+ of digital assets

CheckID Marketplace

The CheckID Marketplace introduces services through a group of CheckID Issuers. Some of these services are quite specific, tuned to the needs of the audience that uses the underlying identity protocol.

TDH Buy and Meme SZN Buy are niche services that previously had to searched out and discussed in low trust environments such as Discord trade channels or DMs where identity of either party couldn't be easily verified or trusted.

CheckID Services

Ten services have been launched to date providing a range of services including technical support such as Allowlist Setup for artists to look after their best collectooors with a phased mint drop.

The Mint like a Gradient service is we believe a first of its kind, where the owner of a Gradient NFT can give their allowlist place to another person's wallet, without transferring the Gradient to them. While a niche use case only useful for access to the 6529 meme drops, this first CheckID services illuminates the path to broader possibilities.

CheckID Mint like a Gradient Service

The Meme SZN buy service enables sellers to unwind an entire Meme SZN set in one go without having to sell on the open market.

The Pebble Buy service is for collectooors who wish to acquire a generative art Pebble from the collection by ZeBlocks, and are looking for guidance on what combination of traits may be best suited.

CheckID Pebble Buy Service

The Pebble Buy services makes a recommendation, then does the outreach to unlisted Pebble holders to facilitate a transaction. An escrow facility is also available as part of the Pebble Buy service to ensure a successful trade.

CheckID PassLook is the first service that is aimed at verifying Seize profile names without divulging or uploading government documents to a third party. While not a KYC service, PassLook provides an additional layer of verification not present in the underlying Seize profile site.

CheckID Issuers

CheckID procures its services through a network of partners known as CheckID Issuers. Each CheckID Issuer is licensed to be able to create CheckID services and display the CheckID logo as a mark of service trust. In a decentralized world full of scams, we believe the CheckID Marketplace will raise the standards of trading through attracting quality participants on both the supply and demand side.

CheckID Logo

CheckID Affiliates

As CheckID Issuers continue to spin up new services, we will need a network of CheckID Affiliates who can get paid to deliver the services on behalf of CheckID Issuers.

CheckID Affiliates accurate at the time of publication. Subject to change

We are at the early stages of identifying a trusted network of Affiliates who can deliver to the quality levels expected of CheckID customers. For example, we have five Affiliates willing to LendEth so that the request doesn't always fall to the primary CheckID Issuer.

Another example is CheckID Artist Setup on The Line that will need a network of CheckID Affiliates to setup an artists work on The Line on their behalf. 1,000+ artists are already setup on The Line and we expected that the next tranche of artists will not always want to spend the hours learning the ins and outs of metaverse curation and the time it takes to place artworks one by one.

CheckID Artist Setup on The Line

Getting Involved with CheckID

You can get involved by ordering a CheckID Service such as CheckID Setup Vault and see for yourself how it works firsthand.

CheckID imagery was created by Gart3 in the artwork titled 'Sculptor of Self: The Odyssey of Becoming'

You can also buy the 'Becoming Self' imagery used throughout CheckID to become a CryptoStoic. Stoics helps CheckID shape the kinds of services that the CryptoStoics believe will best serve the community.

Any holder of ten or more of Card #227 is eligible to issue services via CheckID. Find out more on becoming a CheckID Issuer.

CheckID Issuers

Got a service you would like to see offered on CheckID? Let us know on X @seizeio.