Delicate Perception

Dubhz0's creative process shuns his 9 to 5 rules of photography to embrace the ephemeral moments that often catch his eye...and an environmental filter through which he sees the world.

Delicate Perception
Liminal Excess 01 - I by dubhz0

Dubhz0's creative process shuns 9 - 5 rules of photography to embrace the ephemeral moments that often catch his eye...and an environmental filter through which he sees the world with.

Phytological Inconvenience // Scar Tissue by Dubhz0

Phytological Inconvenience is a commentary on how a singular tree may have disrupted and bent the man made roads of efficiency that snake around it. On its own, you are asked to look again at something we see so often in the built environment that surrounds us.

Inconspicuous Dissemination // Scar Tissue by Dubhz0. Collected by @punk6529

Inconspicuous Dissemination asks your senses to work harder in black and white. The clouds and sea are window dressing for the ships of commerce midway between our consumption filled shores.

Dubhz0 isn't repentant for making the viewer of his art work harder to go deeper in all aspects of his art. "It is harder to perceive the parts you don't see with your rational mind." says DabhZ0 on a recent tour of his Line 56. "It is easy to understand decay buildings, it's easy to understand beautiful sun art avoids that aesthetic hit and makes you search."

On The Line 56 with Dubhz0

The Scar Tissue collection is entirely in black and white to remove another layer of explicit meaning in each photograph...and highlight the textural nature presented. "Black and white forces you to look for clues, because color can seduce you." says dubhz0.

Random Access Memories

Control from Random Access Memories is part of a collection of 18 color photographs that again shun the expected norms of photography in favor of an emotive response to memories you may have.

Control Random Access Memories by dubhz0
"We have this attraction to things that are slightly strange. We don't want that, but its there." dubhz0

Scar Tissue and Random Access Memory collections explore their stories across multiple continents demonstrating a universality to what dubhz0 is expressing about our environment.

Love // Random Access Memories by dubhz0

The title Love is the conceptual lock in the photograph above. The vermillion sign becomes a throb of serotonin delivered through the communication lines perhaps suggesting a sense of distance simultaneously. Who are you thinking about wen viewed through this lens?

Collection Cohesion

The body of work takes precendence over the ego of any singular image raising its head above the parapet in Dubhz0's work. He is conscious that pairs, triples or more are also cohesive within a collectors own display of work.

Liminal Emptiness collection

The Liminal Emptiness collection pinches the invisible thread between photography and AI and rubs it between the metaphorical fingers of Dubhz0's creative direction. He explains it as follows:

"If AI was inventing all these hypothetical things that were to happen. Then if you can invent the future... you can invent the past. The real intelligence of AI is not being able to believe its real. Its the unrecognised nature of what this tech is doing. This is a commentary about subtlety. When AI is in the unrecognised zone is where it becomes interesting." dubhz0
Liminal Emptiness #17 by dubhz0. Collected by @mintface

The underpass may have been real somewhere yet the sweeping lines of the overpass, the dotted white lines of the underpass and the water damaged patina of the concrete barrier down the middle suggests anything but artificial. We are discovering a mid 20th century minimalism through dubhz0 that is an emphatic response to an over expressionistic version of AI prompted madness.

Liminal Emptiness #16 by dubhz0. Collected by mintface

The late day shadows of the sun in Liminal Emptiness #16 would feel right at home in the 12 photographs of Scar Tissue yet here we are in the artifical depths of latent space hardly able to believe what are eyes are not telling us.

Liminal Emptiness collection by dubhz0
"The Line was perfect for this sequential run of this work." dubhz0

You can experience the entire collection on The Line 56 by dubhz0 or mint one from the Liminal Emptiness collection on Foundation for 0.0369 eth.