OnCyber Gallery

OnCyber Gallery
Altitude OnCyber gallery ready for its next art show

Your own OnCyber Gallery requires no picture hooks, no frames...and crucially, no permission to open. Start creating your OnCyber gallery with as little as a handful of collected or created artworks. Here are five reasons to help your art get seen by collectors and fans.

TL:DR OnCyber Artist Opportunities

  1. Immersion. OnCyber immerses your in the art and almost certainly 'hits different' to an OpenSea thumbnail.
  2. Signal sale success. A sold out OnCyber Gallery can show newer collectors what people already value.
  3. Curate yourself. Your collection is more see as a sum of its parts and you know it.
  4. Curate and show a group of collaboration of artists with a similar style. Create a lightning road for attention amongst Kerala photographers, Crypto Aesthetic or GAN specialists. It's easier to buy many than one ;)
  5. Free your art from Tezos blockchain friction and Create an OnCyber Gallery of work for sale.

Art is meant to be seen and shared.

1. Immersion

Art is meant to be experienced and felt. Your iPhone13 is amazing yes... but get out the tape measure and tell me your collectors are getting the full impact from a 6.7 inch sized JPEG. Immerse your potential collectors in an OnCyber space starts with say 20 artworks you feel are worthy of a collection.

There are four free templates, white cube being my favourite for its refined simplicity though I wish there were four more places to add art at each end of the gallery.

Create your first OnCyber gallery.

2. Signal Sale Success

After you've had some success selling NFT's, consider a show of SOLD OUT work. Yes, why not? After all... it's not hard to discover what art is still available thanks to your well laid out Twitter LinkTree and direct link to Foundation or SuperRare (I hope:)

Showing a collection of SOLD OUT art takes an extra step and OnCyber has got you covered. You'll need to ask the owner of your art to share their NFT for you to curate. Not hard, and not a security risk... and pretty cool. OnCyber enabling the metaverse to do super cool stuff again.

3. Curate Yourself

Creating a collection that is greater together than a sum of its parts, is the grail of gallery curation. Artists feel something in each work...and also might know how to best translate that collectively. Curating your own OnCyber gallery opens up the possibility for collectors to feel what you feel about the collection in aggregate. Cohesion is more apparent in a gallery space...

OnCyber helps your art talk amongst itself and tell a combined story.

MintFace Geodetic Moments landscapes look better OnCyber than OpenSea

4. Curate Through Collaboration

Consider the gm gallery created by the artist community, funded by Punk6529 and curated by MintFace. It is a curation of how we as a community collectively celebrate gm. Anybody can create an OnCyber gallery around a theme that matters to the collective. Here's five themes that I'd love to see to help the next tranche of collectors make purchasing decisions.

1) Glitch / Crypto art
2) Generative art (outside of Art Blocks)
3) Mental Health art (the darkness and the light)
4) High school talent
5) 100 hour + work per NFT gallery
5) Lens based specifically .MP4

Moving images on a digital wall bring the digital space alive in a way still images can't. MintFace is a fan.

FuzzieMints feature in The Afterlife Gallery

There are plenty more...unlimited ways of collaborating to bring bigger attention to your art. Instagram may have divided artists ability to naturally cocreate...now you get to reclaim collaboration for everyone to benefit. OnCyber unlocks the power of collaboration for you.

5. Free your Tezos Art with OnCyber

Art collectors are slowed down on the Tezos blockchain because its slow and frustrating. Slow costs you sales. Yes, artists enjoy the low cost gas of living is the Tezos blockchain suburbs, but you've also gotta be content with being far from the downtown buzz of ethereum.

The Hic et Nunc gallery isn't that easy to navigate for collectors (yet). Twitter and Tezos work well, yet it's hard (Getting Setup on Tez article) to woo collectors when Eth needs to get exchanged for Tezos (XTZ).

OnCyber Inspiration

There are some very cool collections out there. Here are a few that I recommend your digitally walk around in for the feels.

6529 gm Gallery - a gallery expressing a kaleidoscope of gm. We the NFT fam.

6529 gm Gallery

6529 Photo Gallery - 6529's photography gallery representing our NFT era. The considered beauty of the collection is astounding.

6529 Photo Gallery OnCyber

Musée d'art Gallery - for its two Lost Robbies, in what might be the lowest key flex curation decision of a gallery yet.

Bharat Krymo's Musée d'art OnCyber

AC Collection

AC Collection Gallery - for its 'God Mode' Fidenza...and it's beautifully positioned 'A' and 'C' 720 Digitals.

AC Collection Gallery OnCyber

Deeze Gallery for its psychedelic brilliance that lands me somewhere on the beaches of Koh Phangan, flat out with my CryptoPunk friends.

Deeze Gallery OnCyber

Vincent Van Dough Gallery - OG works of NFT art in the gallery.

The Vincent Van Dough Gallery OnCyber

Twin Flames Gallery - Justin Aversano is the OG thematic collection of NFT photographs.

Twin Flames Gallery OnCyber

MintFace HEN Gallery -  A celebration of our transformation from IRL to metaverse all created from art collected on the Tezos blockchain.

MintFace HΞN Gallery OnCyber

Shrine of Kek

Shrine of Kek - The OG collectible that started the whole NFT collectible craze.

Shrine of Kek OnCyber


Go beyond Twitter and OpenSea and explore might what be possible with an OnCyber gallery. The metaverse can be home to your art, and you decide what your galleries might contain. You owe it to yourself to own your own quarter acre slice of the digital dream.

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