10k Residence

10k Residence
10K Residence holds a space for all the frens of MintFace

The 10k Residence is open to holders of the 10K Project.

751 were airdropped their 10K Project on Sunday (those who filled out the Google Form) for being one of the first 10,000 frens to follow @mintfaced.

10K Project

Another couple of hundred have been given out on Twitter for free + gas for finding your pfp in the artwork. If you haven't claimed yours, do it :)

Simply share the row and column number of your pfp with @mintfaced on Twitter and the wallet address for the private sale.

1x 10K Project = 1 unit in the 10K Residence

10K Residence Location

Your row and column co-ordinates also double as your floor and apartment number in the 10K Residence. Example:

Row 41 = Level 41
Column 66 = Unit 66

Soooo...you already know your location in the 10K residence or if you need a hint, ask MintFace for a GIF CLUE.

Visit some of the apartments being built as we speak.

VLW Photography residence 96th floor, unit 62
Weary's Apartment on the 91st floor, unit 49
One Raw Artist on 70th floor, unit 79
Mike Shinoda's (Linkin Park) apartment 61st floor, unit 49
DigginNFTs pad on Floor 27, unit 68
Articulate's home 10th floor, unit 53
@E_0_I_N's pad on the 8th floor, knock on number 30
MintFace's apartment at an undisclosed location in 10K Residence

Create Your Apartment

Now for the fun part. Kit out your apartment with your favorite art thanks to OnCyber.

The rules:
1. Lofts or Pods only as this is the 10K Residence is...well its for residents :) We work and play elsewhere.
2. Put the 10K Project on display in your unit.
3. Share them with MintFace on Twitter!

Choose the Cyber Loft for your 10K Residence
Choose a Pod for your 10K Residence

Who Is Welcome

Everyone! Eventually. For now, in the first phase it is open to the first 10,000 people who followed MintFace on Twitter only.

Once everyone who wants to be in 10K Residence is setup and cosy...then we will look to open it up more widely.

10K Residence Location In Om

We will select the perfect location for you to be able to walk to work, enjoy the bustle of the om city and see the beautiful art on display. The exact location will be released once the 10K Residence is fully constructed.

Location in om to be confirmed. It is not the building with the purple x on it

What Is The Benefit

You get to come home to a place where frens like us have been hanging out and enjoying each others company for the last year already...on Twitter. You will know many of your neighbours, and be able to wave to them in the lobby as frens come and go.

What Does It Cost

Right now...probably your eyesight to find your pfp on the 10K Project art! 😁(sorry we had to get really bot proof on this one).

Here is a high resolution 10K Project edition to search through row by row.

If you buy an 10K Project you will also get access to the 10K Residence in Phase 2 but priority will go to the first 10K Residence.

The great frens at OnCyber are picking up the tab on the loft space, or you could pick up a Pod if you've got a little eth.

What To Do Next

  1. See if you are eligible for a 10K Project free mint +gas.
  2. If eligible, then share your row + column on Twitter to get a 10K Project private sale invite.
  3. If not, you can pick up a 10K Project if someone is selling.
  4. Create your loft space with OnCyber for the 10K Residence.
  5. Share your OnCyber loft URL with @mintfacess along with your row and column details.
  6. We will then link your OnCyber loft into the 10k Residence.