Claim Your 10K Project NFT

Claim Your 10K Project NFT

You are eligible for a free mint +gas ⛽️ for the 10k Project if you were following MintFace on Twitter before Saturday 7th May 2022.

If you filled in the Google Form on Sunday, check your wallet. You will see the 10k Project NFT is already there. 🥰👀

If you are yet to claim yours, let MintFace know on Twitter which mint face you are in the 10k Project.

wen mint

You can pick up a 10k edition showing the surreal beauty of our collective pfps even if you don't follow MintFace. For the art. For the culture.

wen utility

Add your 10K Project artwork to an OnCyber loft like loopmaniac.eth has done.

The second utility yet to be enabled is using your own mint face edition as a pass to go places in MintFace spaces in om such as MintFacePlace.

Some MintPasses are more special than others.