Children of the Lake

Zay Yar Lin is kind of a big deal in National Geographic circles. His documentary style unveils Myanmar in a way few of us have experienced first-hand. As a ship captain, Zay's love of the water is reflected in his artwork.

Children of the Lake

Inle Lake is the second largest lake in Myanmar and the central location to the Children of the Lake collection by Zay Yar Lin. I had to look up the lake size stat on Wikipedia to find that one out, as I know little about Myanmar, let alone the lake.

Myanmar was one of the last countries in the world to be free of mobile phone interruptions...and it is through the lens of traditions, communciation and modernity that I experience Zay's work.

Morning Activity

'Morning Activity' shows Intha Fishermen having a conversation before setting up fishing in the Inle Lake at misty sunrise.

Morning Activity by Zay Yar Lin

Floating Market

"Floating Market at Inle Lake in the early morning before sunrise. Floating market has almost disappeared for years in Inle Lake. But this floating market again became alive because of land markets being closed during COVID 19 pandemic in Myanmar." Zay Yar Lin.
Inle’s Floating Market by Zay Yar Lin

Zay's has a delicate ability to balance light and movement in the briefest of moments. Let's take a deeper look at 'Mangrove Fisherman' below.

Mangrove Fishermen

The fishing nets are being set for the day. The thrust of effort displayed on the body of the fisherman and through the water droplets highlighted through the sun pierced mangrove trees. Before your eyes leave the main character, enjoy the light dappling the father's conical hat before being enveloped in the morning's fog.

If you are lucky, your eyes can delight in the discovery of a young boy watching his father while also contributing to the days effort by taking care of a handful of woven baskets, maybe to hold bait or fish. I love how the boy is also taking care of himself with one hand clinging to a mangrove. All of these aspects are captured in a fractions of a second by Zay to tell a story of what life is like for children of the lake.

Mangrove Fisherman by Zay Yar Lin

Fish Market

At the end of day, Intha fishermen trade their fish at the lake. Imagine the conversations about who caught what. Do they share the best places to make their catch or are there established habits of where each fisherman goes? The gas lanterns hark bark to 20th century modernity, the LED head-torch a giveaway of a more modern solution yet the attire speaks to the unwavering practicality of fabric throughout all times.

Fish Market by Zay Yar Lin

Is the photo staged? Maybe. Does that make it any less impactful? More impactful in some ways I feel. 'Fish Market' is a motif of what a days work brings on Inle Lake. 'Fish Market' is the artwork MintFace acquired, wen many others were also available. It is where the supply meets the demand. It is the place where skill is rewarded with trade.

'Fish Market' spoke to me deeply about how traditions and modernity often get mixed up in the habitual soup we call life. Take notice of the wicker handwoven basket below a modern aluminium fishnet. Each of these men and their fishing skills is likely responsible for a household.

Calm Night on The Inle Lake by Zay Yar Lin
"Calm Night on the Inle Lake is just magical the night sky and the luminescence captures magical silhouette of a fisherman at night … something beautiful about the colours and the lighting that transports to another world." Parachica (collectooor)

The Children of the Lake collection on Sloika minted just over a year ago on 15th March 2022 took almost 9 months to sell out. Collectooors include Parachica, MintFace, ForeTwenty and Raithy (see INTHY contract). Why did it take so long? Sloika. Let's admit it, few collectooors go there and so work can go even more unnoticed than usual.  Searching for Sloika tokens via OpenSea wallet and they don't show up like you'd expect to see with SuperRare or Foundation. An oddity yes. Also an opportunity ;)

Drying Cotton Fabrics by Zar Yar Lin
"I love the vibrant colours of the silks drying against the backdrop of the lily pads floating in the water… feels quite magical and a lost world of stillness Color where artisans can work with nature." Parachica (collectooor)

Zay's Latest Project

Zay Yar Lin is kind of a big deal in National Geographic circles. His documentary style unveils Myanmar in a way few of us have experienced first-hand. As a ship captain, Zay's love of the water is reflected in his artwork. Enjoy his latest SuperRare artworks titled 'Disinfection on board', 'The Clean Line' and 'Vital Task'.

"I believe that capturing important moments in our daily lives will be a significant testimony to the history of our human histories." Zay Yar Lin.