Working with AI

Working with AI

Artificial intelligence is a broad phrase we lend to computers who help us create. A less known phrase is G.A.N which stands for Generative Adversarial Networks. One of the best phrases I've heard about services that help artists create witih G.A.N's is...

"Creating, but with a nuclear powered pencil."

You can cross breed your art between two images dialing up or down specific traits.

Portraits... album covers... landscapes are all possible. Try it for yourself on Art Breeder.

MintFace Artist Feature

Claire Silver collaborates with AI to produce her artworks.

"Together, we create works that are greater than either of us could make alone, neither more important than the other to the process." Claire Silver.

Claire doesn't make a statement about whether AI is good or bad for artwork, instead preferring to incorporate it into her style the way that she feels best fits. Claire has trained her AI with a little bit of her own face so that 'a bit of me is sealed inside each piece.'

In her first minted digital artwork "Generative Age" she asks three questions of us.

🟣 How will we choose to define ourselves?
🟣 What will our hyper-individualized worlds look like?
🟣 With the barrier of skill removed, how long until taste becomes currency?

Since her first work, Claire has created over 29 artworks on the Rarible marketplace.

Some of her earlier work supported by an early collector is about to go up for auction. You can view more of Claire Silver's work on her Rarible profile.

MintFace Artwork Feature

Bitwaves is a collection by 0x3b just launched on the OpenSea marketplace. There are twenty individual artworks in the collection. BitWaves is a collection of expressive abstract art generated algorithmically, the first of many algorithmic art series created by 0x_3b promises to create.

"Ideas are the currency." says 0x_3b.

My favourite is #10 in the collection because of how similar the AI generated art is to a landscape. What did it base it's work off? It is quite amazing how much detail can be derived from two colours and two numbers.

BitWaves #10 by 0x_3b

What does the artists name ox3b mean? Well, error code "0x3b" is an issue name that contains details of the malfunction, including why it occurred, which system component or application malfunctioned, along with some other information.

Art as a malfunction? Maybe it's possible.

MintFace Sale Feature

ArtBlocks is the first generative art you'll probably stumble across. I'll put their tweet announcing the project here so you can catchup.

Selected artists get to participate with the technology creating new art in the process. It was Stefano's turn next and he created the series Rinascita.

"When feeling stuck, go back to your roots. Rinascita is the legacy of Essenza, rebirth through epiphany. A celebration of gratitude, joy, and family. In a sudden awareness of the raw greatness of life." says Stefano Contiero.

Stefano is from both Italian and Dominican backgrounds and often feels says he feels conflicted between the two. When it comes to creating art through code, there is a higher degree of clarity of conviction.

"Code is my clay, but I'm no algorithm expert: I throw some code together, and it returns me some interesting stuff. They call it Generative Art." Stefano Contiero.

Look at the categories on the left in the OpenSea marketplace to see all the different collections including Stefano's.

My favourite ArtBlock by Stefano Contiero is #627.


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