Words Are Weapons

Words Are Weapons
Action causes Impact from the Spinfluence collection by Nick McFarlane

The Day Is My Enemy was the sixth album by English electronic music group the Prodigy and the cover art was created by Nick McFarlane. Nick has minted the creative evolution of ideas that led the way towards the final cover album art he made. You can view the Prodigal gallery on OpenSea or enjoy three MintFace favourites right here.

"This is the hammer that Liam Howlett originally saw at Ap-art gallery which got him to get in touch and kicked off the hunt for the killer album image." Nick McFarlane.

Combining a loudspeaker with a hammer speaks volumes about power. It reminds me of the marching hammers in the Pink Floyd music video - The Wall. There is a powerful symbolism here, like the hammer and sickle on the USSR flag with a loudspeaker inserted in to nail down any voices from below.

The blood red background reminds us what starts with words, often leads to far more horrific outcomes. I can see why Liam Howlett, lead singer for The Prodigy instantly saw the creative genius of Nick here.

Rolls Rebel is next up.

"The richest rebel on the road rolls into town."

While the ruling class cruise around in the 90's car du jour, a Rolls Royce; a more rebellious kind of musician appropriates as its own. In Rolls Rebel, we see the hood ornament redrawn with a real hood.

The genius here is the art builds upon the original meaning given to the 'The Spirit of Ecstasy' found at the front of every Rolls Royce bonnet. The wings of freedom of thought and bold action are retained in a pop art print making style of Andy Warhol. Rolls Rebel says as much about the rebellious nature of artists who mint NFTs, showing the durability of the style of Nick's work here over more than two decades.

Imagery Electrifies rearranges the lighting rod iconography we saw in The Hammer and points them inwards towards the whites of a helpless eye. Again the shrapnel covered red background communicating what damage imagery can inflict.

"Imagery has the power to both shock and seduce."
Imagery Electrifies from the Spinfluence collection by Nick McFarlane

Beyond Prodigal and Spinfluence there are two more collections currently minted by Nick that are well worth exploring with your digital wallet at the ready.

Minted artwork collections by Nick McFarlane

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