Welcome 2022 πŸŽ‰

Welcome 2022 πŸŽ‰

Discovering new artists that tickle your heart is special.

Throughout 2021, I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know many artists. You might like to get to know them too in 2022. Here's the list:

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2021 Numbers

Impressive yet quantitatively early with a million being the biggest numbers associated with over wallet number or volume of NFTs sold in a month.

Wen billions? I thought you'd never ask. Predictions for 2022.

Predictions for 2022

Extrapolating out 2021 won't work in predicting key moments in 2022. This year will be as different as the second half of 2021 was from the first half. Here's what we do know:

  • The people in control of unique digital wallets will go up...and up...and up from the 906,206 on OpenSea today.
  • Brands who consider themselves in cultural leadership roles will already have plans made and are ready to execute on.
  • Ethereum will have its moment in the mainstream. Hopefully as a place where positivity reigns in the Twitter beast and provenance has a new way of valuing digital assets.
  • VR Goggles will unlock previously two dimensional worlds to a wider population.

These four macro trends are likely the jet fuel that accelerates what we've all been gm'ing for the past year. How to position yourself as an artist? Here's your Be Ready List for 2022.

Be Ready List

  1. Polish Profiles. Get those collections and profiles linking to your social accounts, removing grammar mistakes and create a clean and safe to click Twitter bio.
  2. Burn or Keep? Burn art you look back on and think... 'I was hasty to mint that pepe for VVD or gm for 6529'. If it doesn't fit your thematic, burn. If it's you... keep it! 2021 timestamps are already historic.
  3. High Resolution Gear. Upgrade to 4K and add your highest Mb image to the NFT not the unlockable content. We need high resolution for OnCyber galleries.
  4. Budgeting Eth. Do a quick budget. How much you need for living...for minting... and for buying art that you want to collect. Whether it's 5 eth, 50 eth or somewhere in between, divide it by the number of artworks you're likely to mint in 2022. What's the number? Plan for success in pricing your art.
  5. Tell an artist fren. It's easier when we go together. Tell an artist fren that it's time for them to mint their art. For every artist that enrols, you'll receive a MintFace referral fee of 0.05 eth in Jan 2021.
  6. Security upgrade. Get that hardware wallet, transfer those NFTs, setup that VPN, turn on that two factor authentication, setup that second email address just for Foundation and OpenSea emails, upgrade that Operating System, setup that P.O. Box address, turn on that anti-virus and turn off those Discord DMs. If you need help on this, send MintFace a DM at @mintfaced or watch a few of the videos on the Digital Artist Economy Skills Portal.

2022 will be transformational for different reasons and I'm excited that you're all here for it.

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