The Minted Book

The Minted Book
The Front Cover will be auctioned off on 1st December 2021

The Minted Book has secured the first 48 artists to be featured in the first physical book about NFT art! The project is a go!

1. Purchase Minted NFT Tickets
Purchase 1X = one page feature for 0.07 eth
Purchase 2X = two page feature for 0.15 eth
Purchase 4X = four page feature for 0.35 eth

Easy. PLUS you'll receive books couriered to you anywhere in the world. 1X = one book, 2X = two books and 4X = four books.

2. Tell Us You've Purchased A Minted NFT Ticket adding your artist details here.

You must have the NFT in your wallet on 12pm PST on 30th November 2021. Β 

Any questions DM @mintfaced.

Minted Collector NFT Tickets
Collectors can be featured in the book too.

Purchase a Minted Collector NFT for 0.50 eth. Open Now.
16 slots max.

Plus you get to nominate your favourite artist (one max) to be included free.

If you're considering it, read more over at Minted Collector NFTs.

We'll also be auctioning off the front and back cover for both artists or a collector to feature.

Public Book Sales
The general public, libraries and bookstores will be able to purchase the printed book through all the normal channels including Amazon.

The Minted Book Purpose

Minted digital art began its mainstream crossover this year and the story beyond buying animal art needs to be told. 'The Minted Book' feature 100 artists that have already minted their creativity. The book is in beautiful large format printed book on premium paper showcasing some of our communities most beautiful NFT's.

Artists included are likely to become part of NFT cultural history and be read about by our artist frens, traditional art dealers, normies and the broader public beyond NFT Twitter :)

Art Banditz X GC featured in The Minted Book

Let's explore each of the tiers in more detail including how each artist feature looks on the page.

πŸ“„ 1X Artist Tier Feature

1X Artist Tier receives a single page spread with a hero image of your art.
NFT Price: 0.07 eth
Quantity: 15 available on OpenSea

Sacred Voo and Little Art feature in The Minted Book

πŸ“„πŸ“„ 2X Artist Tier Feature

2X Artist Tier receives a double page spread including a quote from you and a full page, high resolution image of your art.
NFT Price: 0.15 eth
Quantity: 8 available on OpenSea.

Trent North feature in The Minted Book

πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„ 4X Artist Tier Feature

4X Artist Tier is a four page spread including everything in the 2x tier plus a second high resolution image of your art and the MintFace writeup on your art and you as an artist.
NFT Price: 0.35 eth
Quantity: 29 available on OpenSea.

Kaleb Johnston feature in The Minted Book 1/2
Kaleb Johnston feature in The Minted Book 2/2

Global Shipping Included

Each Minted Book NFT entitles the artist to receive 1, 2 or 4 physical book copies of 'The Minted Book' based on their tier, delivered to one address anywhere in the world that Amazon ships to. Shipping for 'The Minted Book' will start January 14th 2022.

Snapshot Date

A wallet snapshot of Minted Book NFT owners will take place on Tuesday 12pm (PST) 30th November 2021. Artists holding a Minted NFT in their wallet on that date will be featured in 'The Minted Book' based on the tier purchased.

Bonus: Artists who own a Geodetic Moments NFT as at Tuesday 12th Nov 12:00pm will qualify for a 1X one page feature automatically.

A draft of the Minted Book chapters and artists. This is not the entire list 30 unallocated slots.

Minted NFT tickets
1X = one page feature for 0.07 eth 15 available
2X = two page feature for 0.15 eth 8 available
4X = four page feature for 0.35 eth 29 available

1x, 2x and 4x Artist Tiers featured size in The Minted Book
Front Cover, Back Cover and Collector special features available in The Minted Book

Special Minted NFT Tickets

Make your mark on the art world by bidding on the Front or Back Cover.

Front Cover
You decide The Minted Book front cover. Must be an art NFT you own or your pfp.
NFT Price: to be auctioned.
Quantity: One available on OpenSea.

Back Cover
You decide The Minted Book back cover. Must be an art NFT you own or your pfp.
NFT Price: to be auctioned
Quantity: One available on OpenSea.

Auction date will be end of November 2021, exact date to be finalised.

Collector NFT Tickets
Collectors will be featured throughout the book, including your profile picture (real or anon), what your favourite collected artwork is and why...and a quote about why you're into NFT's.
NFT Price: 0.5 eth
Quantity: 16 total available on OpenSea.

Read more about the Minted Collectors NFTs.

Punk6529 Collector feature in The Minted Book


The Minted Book will be globally distributed through a number of book distributors including Amazon, Book Depository and throughout accepting libraries and art stores. The book will only be available as a printed copy.


Funds received will be allocated as follows, in order of priority:
1. Cost of goods sold editing, publishing, printing...
2. Book distribution costs shipping, courier, picking and packing, logistics...
3. Provision for tax on revenue collected.
4. Allocation for a further print run if required.
5. A 3 eth allocation into purchasing art from artists featured in the book.
6. Remaining funds will become working capital for further MintFace projects.

πŸ’ One Condition

The Minted Book NFT collection must completely sell out all 100 Minted Book NFT's to go ahead. I'm confident that there are enough artists who'd like to be included for this to be possible.

πŸ’ Publishing Capability

MintFace has authored and published many books IRL including interviews with high profile businesspeople. His books are available in many libraries and institutions including Harvard's MBA library. MintFace will also ensure the book finds its way into the hands of libraries and galleries curious about NFT's but find Twitter and understanding marketplaces a barrier to learn more. To onboard the next 100,000,000 people into NFT's we first need to show the beauty of what we're creating here through the broadest medium possible, books.