What The Fur? (WTF)

WARNING: There are people breeding Two Bit Bears on the blockchain. I bred 'Hunter Vee the Happy Black Bear #4460' with 'Squarci Aversano the Happy Black Bear #4461' who judging by the numbers must have lived in the bear cave next door.

What The Fur? (WTF)
Deeze Furie, the hungry brown bear #799 is part of the Two Bit Bears Collection

Many giga brain blockchain artists offer more to delve in to than the face value of art.

Introducing 'Beanie Aversano the Happy Brown Bear #4449.' Yes, every bear is named after people that have reputations of their own in NFTs.

Beanie Aversano the Happy Brown Bear #4449 from Two Bit Bears

Where you might see an overly simplistic two pixel image, the creators of the Two Bit Bears invite you to explore further. There are four species of bear. Brown, black, polar and the super rare panda bear. Beanie Aversano bear belongs to the most common brown bear species.

Now that we know the species of bears in the Two Bit Bear collection, let's review the artistic merit of the bears in two parts.

Firstly, the body fur and then the head fur. Both have 500 is different permutations. The rarest body fur combinations of red, green and blue (RGB) strike the darkest pose.  

The rarest head fur combinations are also at the darker end of the spectrum, and are dominated by the black bear species.

Is MintFace being serious here? Yes. We like the bears. Getting the technicals right can add a whole lot more value to an art collection minted as an NFT. Two Bit Bears offer the owner limitless SVG scalability, with SVG meaning scalable vector graphics. That's good news if you desire your art displayed large.

There's more to the bears. So keep reading.

The Cubs

In real life, bears have cubs. In the immutable word of the blockchain, Two Bit Bears can also grow up to become bears. All you need to be able to breed is:

  • two bears (of course)
  • a honey processor

Ok, yeah so you need a honey processor. What's a honey processor? ...I hear you ask. It was a free token shared to bear owners on 2nd November. There's 1,300 Honey Processors and 654 owners at last count.

Honey Processor for Two Bit Bears

So go and get a Honey Processor and two bears if you plan on breeding at a price of around 0.15 eth plus gas.

The breeding happens in a special breeding enclosure.

Two Bit Bears Breeding Enclosure

I bred 'Hunter Vee the Happy Black Bear #4460' with 'Squarci Aversano the Happy Black Bear #4461' who judging by the numbers must have lived in the bear cave next door.

As you know from IRL, breeding can be expensive. There's no difference here. Gas costs for each parent bear, plus the honey, plus of course the breeding. Here's how Hunter Vee and Squarci Aversano met.

You'll get to see how your bears met each other two if you breed.

...and you'll get to meet your cub or cubs! The two bears bred one of a three potential cubs. Everybody meet 0xInuarashi Hobbs the Cheerful Black Cub #672!

0xInuarashi Hobbs the Cheerful Black Cub #672

Otherwise, just get a bear and enjoy the stunning aesthetic quality of it at limitless scalable size.

Or HODL your honey.

You're starting to see that the people behind the Two Bit Bears aren't amateurs when it comes to game theory, scarcity and perhaps even bear utility.

'Clearly we're not a bunch of people that don't know how to use computers.'

The bear cave gets deeper though. Let's continue.

Breeding a pair of bears gets you somewhere between one and three cubs. Genetically speaking they will inherent a blend of the moods and fur styles of their parents. Look at the cuteness of the Polar Cubs!

Polar Cubs created from breeding Polar Bears

Now let's say you missed out on the getting the honey processor needed to breed. There's another way. Adoption. Yep. Adopt a cub and if you decide, you can feed them up and in a crypto week (which is 9 years IRL) you cub will become a fully grown bear. Here's how:

  1. Adopt a cub on OpenSea
  2. Trigger the growth mechanism (to be released)

It's completely optional too so if you prefer your cubs cute and cube-like cuddly, then you can keep them young forever.

The evolution of the Two Bit Bears 

Checking in on the Discord can help you get your head around who you'll be joining when you acquire a Two Bit Bear. In real life, polar bears and grizzly bears kept to themselves for almost all of time...until there wasn't enough food to go around and polar bears ventured south. The polar bears met grizzly bears and created...Pizzly bears. The Two Bit Bears let's you decide what kind of cubs you'll create from the bears you get however, they must be the same species (Polar + Polar or Black Bear + Black Bear).

This is true performance art on the blockchain. Before you get bearish, you have to decide whether this is a performance you'd like to see.

"We are incredibly proud and protective over our Proprietary Bear Rendering Algorithm™ . Without it Two Bit Bears and all future projects on our roadmap would never exist."

Once you're in, it makes sense to stay until the end of the show. They artists want you to celebrate and marvel at the astonishing detail in each Two Bit Bear.

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