The MintFace 10k Project

The MintFace 10k Project

There are 10,000 mint faces following @mintfaced as at Saturday 7th May 2022.

To celebrate, a 1/1 artwork titled 10k Project was minted on Foundation including every single one of the 10,000 mint faces.

10K Project by MintFace x Matthew Hirschey

10k Project is a commentary on the dominance of profile pictures (pfp) as NFT culture.

NFT collectors and traders are nudged by 10k project founders to swap their Twitter profile picture to spread the initial success of their project.

Most 10k projects receive a flash of prominence, yet only a few make to be perceived as a blue-chip success.

Less obvious, is how many of us bond with our profile picture beyond its trade-able value and keep it as our new Web3.0 identity.


Matthew Hirschey wrote the code that right click saved all the pfps from Twitter. Each pfp then needed to be carefully scripted to line up with the next one until 100 were standing next to each other. From there another 100 rows of mint faces were lined up to make 100 in a row x 100 rows = 10,000 mint faces.


Each person who followed MintFace on 7th May 2022, is included in the 10k Project.

All mintfaces included are eligible for a FREE MintPass +gas that will provide access to floors in MintFacePlace... because NFTs are people and people are frens.

MintPasses coming soon πŸ‘€πŸ’