The Breakup / La Ruptura

The Breakup / La Ruptura
I gave you my heart - Te di mi corazón 1 of 3 edition by @_Project_Seven

The Break-Up / La ruptura is the deeply personal artwork of @_Project_Seven. Our anon status makes it possible to explore subjects in ways that traditional social networks may not support.

Project Seven
Storyteller in images and words. There’s a story behind everything.

"10 images that reinvent, recreate, retell, revisit, and reimagine the raw moments that follow a break-up." @_Project_Seven.

Processing grief is hard and none of us get through life without experiencing it at some level. How we each decide to come to terms with what was and come to a place where we can move in differs. Art can be a positive outlet for processing our feelings to help us move forward with our lives and maybe this is part of what's at play with The Break-Up.

Sheer Loneliness - Soledad Desesperada 1 of 3 by @_Project_Seven
"The rhythm of life is light followed by darkness over and over. There's no light without darkness." @_Project_Seven

It's almost poetic to share something so personal, with so many, anonymously. Each photograph tells its own story of the breakup and gets released every few days until the tenth image of the collection is shared.

The story here is one of two languages and on two different levels.

Each NFT is titled in both Spanish and English to capture the most vivid expressions of emotion that translation can blunt. 'Sheer Loneliness' and 'Soledad Desesperada' are saying the same thing...but words can shift their energy in the context of a different culture. Here you can read the collection description again in its Spanish form.

"10 imágenes que nos transportan en diferentes imaginadas maneras a esos larguísimos momentos que siguen una ruptura sentimental, cuando los sentimientos están a flor de piel." @_Project_Seven.
Ghost from The Break-Up / La Ruptura Collection by @_Project_Seven

Ghost was minted on November 11th, three weeks since the first NFT in The Break-Up series was released. The cold concrete walls... the metal bars... the ghost like stranger may represent the person that was once more than just a passer by.

"Became ghosts of a future that never was Errant shadows that are never gone. Tell me, really, who won? Seventh picture of a collection of 10 that recreate, reinvent, revisit the emotions and the journey of a break-up."

How long does it take to move on from grief? The Break-Up collection series is over halfway... and by its finish, I'm hoping that light begins to make its way through to free the artist to create their next NFT collection.

Could a 'You're Item Sold' notification be a way to acknowledge the artists grief in our new blockchain economy? Find out at The Break-Up.

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