Sharing Your Art

Sharing Your Art
CyberShatki on the Hicetnunc marketplace

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MintFace Artwork Feature

Recalled Red develops a series of photos from film rolls that are considered the gold by top cinematographers for motion picture technology. Except... this run of 800T film got recalled by CineStill, the film manufacturer because it was found to be defective.

"Cinestill just recalled their latest batch of 120 (8010411)" some guy on the forum.

Instead of sending back the faulty rolls of film... Joseph 'Rico' Connolly, decided to turn the 🐛 bug into a ✨feature by producing the series Recalled Red. Rico is a self-taught film photographer, musician, graphic designer, and 3D artist.

"Humble Are the Roots, indeed. We all start from nothing, left to grow on our own in our various environments. Any great tree needs a strong foundation else it will topple in time. For me, this photo represents pride, strength, and the loneliness that comes from growing your own way. From taking your own path. I feel cold and alone when I look at this photo but never does it make me feel like I am weak or that I should give up."
"This is a testament to those determined to grow regardless of the consequence. May we all find peace in our future and remember where we came from."

Ricos Film is a film photographer from Maryland who loves to explore all there is. Rewinding Rico's film roll back to his genesis project, you'll discover the Pomelo Dwelling 1 of 1. The composition is achingly good. The dapple of background leaves providing shelter for the atmospheric foreground.

Pomelo Dwelling on Foundation
"It is a cold and dark night in the woods but, fortunately, the light is all around you. Do you turn your back on it or embrace it?" RicosFilm.

Follow Rico's evolving lens based art on Twitter.

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MintFace Sale Feature

CyberShatki is available on any of your favourite digital artwork platforms so I'm going to feature a sale from every platform... just to demonstrate to new digital artists how your buyers discover and appreciate work in different places.

"Cyber Shakti = Birthing feminine energy into cyberspace. Mumbai based multi-faceted photographer & well-known glitch artist with a background in traditional art. My art freezes moments to be experienced forever via their presence in the blockchain."

Showtime helps artists aggregate their art portfolio from every marketplace into one place. Here's CyberShatki's Showtime collection of 139 artworks to date.

Here we go.

Intuitive Awareness is a 3 of 3 editions work minted in October 2020. A well sized 3002 x 3997 px format JPEG lends printability...but that ignore the real conversation starter in her work.

"I was finding it hard to fall asleep during COVID-isolation - that's when I worked on this piece. Listening to a lot of guided meditation, my mind was running memories I had no idea it could still recollect. If we listen closely, our intuition already knows answers to so many things, that the conscious mind misses."
Intuitive Awareness by CyberShatki is a 3 edition work from Oct 2020. 

Alt-tabbing across to KnownOrigin and there's another 25 digital artworks sold by CyberShatki.

The Sensei is a more recent work, minted on May 29th 2021.

Now that you're warmed up to her cyber frozen moments of glitch... get ready to experience what I believe are some of her best pieces on MakersPlace.

Hello Lover is a 1 of 1 minted at the beginning of August 2021 (and still available for now). In this artwork, her signature handwriting takes more prominence.  

Hello Lover 1/1 on MakersPlace

A nice detail added in the description opens up her art to first time digital artists.

"Upon purchase, this creation will be transferred to your digital wallet. If you don't have one, we'll provide one for you." CyberShatki.

The divine feminine blockchain story continutes on the Rarible marketplace. There are over 100 eth affordable artworks to browse through.  A tweet as an NFT shows the energy permeating through her multi-marketplace creativity.

"TEAM ABUNDANCE. You're not a financial instrument. You're a fucking artist. You're made to make. Quote Tweet"
TEAM ABUNDANCE.You’re not a financial instrument. You’re a fucking artist. You’re made to make.Quote Tweet

10,000 copies minted and available on the Rarible marketplace from 3rd July 2021.

More glitching on Kalamint.

...or if you prefer the familiarity of OpenSea, bathe in the Colors of India collection that chronicles the streets of India through photography & glitch art (all sold).

Did we over-feature CyberShakti today? Only if you have a scarcity mindset. Don't overthink it.

Now go say hi on Twitter.

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MintFace Artwork Feature - Zubin

What do you do when you're out on an oilrig after a hard day extracting precious resources... keep the lights on and the whirrrr of mathematical calculations buzzin on the blockchain?

You skim a few sheets of paper from the office photocopier then start drawing.

"Ben and Cobie" is a tribute to friendship by Zubin.

"Ben is pointing out and explaining the constellations to Cobie; only instead of stars, the sky is lit up with crypto symbols. The act personifies how Ben mentored Cobie, teaching him the ropes of cryptocurrency trading."

I relate deeply to the art. We all need a teacher to shine a light on things we don't understand. I had a friend who was gone to soon who understood the constellation of opportunity a decentralised night sky might offer us all.

Zubin minted "Ben and Cobie" on Feb 7th 2021 and in early August made two more editions of the work available, making this a 3 of 3. Available on OpenSea.

To friendship. ❤️

Share your appreciation of Zubin's work with him on Twitter.

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