A Photographer's Series

A Photographer's Series
"I'm putting together 8 years of chasing sunsets and surfers around the world. Narrowed it down for the collection and getting ready to roll!" Eric Rubens

We each take photos for different reasons. To capture a moment. To reflect on a feeling. To create something beautiful.

Today's MintFace reveals three different ways photographers are sharing their digital artwork as NFT's.

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MintFace Artist Feature - TJ Thorne

Ebb and Flow is a collection of 100 images... so it instantly stood out for me (I have a thing for the number 100). T.J. created his collection of 100 images over a four year span... with each photograph representing a moment in time where he was feeling good about life.

Finding a moment to capture and celebrate every day, might be something we can all do. T.J. talks about his work as follows...

T.J Thorne
"I obsessively photograph water, watching the way that light and reflection move across its surface, learning and anticipating its movement and behavior. In my battles with mental health and alcohol addiction, nothing else in my life brings me to the place of peace that water does.
Whether I’m happy or sad, when I’m photographing water through my viewfinder, everything is okay. All of my worries, my stresses, and my self-damaging thoughts get washed downstream and I feel that peace. I feel reprieve. I feel... content."

You can find T.J.'s collection on the OpenSea marketplace.

MintFace Sale Feature

NFTagrams are polaroids taken by four time Emmy winner Paul Allen Hunton. Buy an NFTagram, hold it for seven days and receive a physical copy. I love when an artist combines their physical art with their digital art for the first collector.

Paul goes further and has setup way that physical art owners can pass on his physical work in good faith when selling the NFT version.

Cryptopunks took a step back to simplify images in pixels that are incredibly valuable. Damian Hirst’s dots harken back to thinking about the simplest elements of color and testing the idea of currency. A Polaroid may seem simple, but it is instantly recognizable as having a seemingly “lesser” quality that has something MORE to say. Maybe it holds more value than just another doctored Instagram photo.

You can find Paul's work on the OpenSea marketplace.

MintFace Artwork Feature

Eric Rubens photography is adored by his almost 500,000 Insta fans. His genesis collection launched on SuperRare highlights three years exploring the islands of Polynesia.

Eric Rubens - A young island in the foreground withBora Bora’s tallest peak looming in the back.

Eric's next series is titled "Ocean Intersection". Here's what Eric had to say about the collection of 50 special 1/1 photographs.

"This series celebrates the beautiful intersection as surfers meet the ocean. Ever since I was young, I’ve been captivated by the emotions surfers have entering and leaving the water and compelled to find a way to share the energy and colors of that fleeting moment. Whether you’ve stood on a wave or watched from a distance, the symbiotic partnership between a surfer and wave is a beautiful relationship to observe.
Just as a surfer seeks one last wave, I’ve spent the last 8 years chasing sunsets, swells, and capturing the aura of golden hour one day at a time."

The digital art scene is beginning to see some emerging themes amongst collectors, flippers and newbies. Within photography, those themes stratify again. Here's what I see as just three of the themes from todays photographers:

📷 Eric Ruben shifts his work from Web2.0 Instagram to a SuperRare triptych and a stream of 50 photographs on OpenSea.
📷 T.J Thorn's photograph series stretches to 100 and his depth of field narrows considerably focusing on the emotion of the photographer in contrast to the consistently deep water of his images.
📷 Paul Allen Hunton shifts our memory back to the familiar frame of Polaroid in the unfamiliar world of NFT's. OpenSea

If you're a new photographer to the digital art space, I'd love to know how you're intepreting this exciting canvas for your work.

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