Rediscovered Art

Rediscovered Art
Block #46148 - the moment of Blockchain's first transaction (in red the top left of the artwork)

Artists and artworks get discovered...and forgotten and sometimes rediscovered again.

Today's MintFace features an artist and artwork and a sale with the discovery theme.

MintFace Artist Feature - Rachel Creasey

Rachel is an artist with New Zealand origins who shifted to London to become Fine Art trained at the Wimbledon School of Art in London. She's back in New Zealand now, at least for the time being like many Kiwi's, able to continue life mostly as normal through the pandemic.

Match Point - by Rachel Creasey, recently sold to a collector on Foundation
"Light doesn't always travel in a straight line. It can be bent, like the truth, to serve our own purposes.  Ultimately, who can we look to to discern the real truth? Only ourselves."
Study In Yellow - Rachel Creasey, Foundation marketplace

I discovered her work after my Mum mentioned an artist in her Instagram newsfeed had created an NFT! It turned out to be Rachel's Instagram. Rachel's work has plenty of fans of her work on Twitter as well.

Go and see what we see on Rachel's profile on Foundation.

MintFace Sale Feature - CryptoArte

Today's MintFace Sales feature is a forgotten collection that was first minted on the blockchain on the 4:04am 13th July 2018. Sebastián Brocher launched the first generative art project on Ethereum that day. 🤯

Painting #400 was the first CryptoArte to be minted on the blockchain bought from Sebastian Broucher by Akwwong.

Painting #400 was the first to be minted. You could choose to mint any number you liked... and even today you can mint a digital artwork straight from the original CryptoArte Gallery.

There's even a spreadsheet because if you can pickup one of the 471 in the series that pre-date AutoGlyphs, then you're the owner of digital art of historical note.

If you want to get 🧪molecular, there's a spreadsheet that correlates mint number to painting number.

Thank you to Etheria for the spreadsheet

Early works are treasured by collectors of digital artwork. There are even statistics that track what work was released when. If you'd like to dig in more on the CryptoArte series, read "A Comprehensive Guide To CryptoArte Paintings." Be prepared to learn about prime numbers, hieroglyphic icons and golden miners.

The artist is Sebastián Brocher, an Ethereum enthusiast and a technology entrepreneur with an artistic mind. When he was about 6 years of age, his Dad brought home a Commodore 128 computer and helped him code a program that played a J.S. Bach invention by following the instructions manual.

Ever since that day, Sebastián has always been fascinated by the intersection of computer science and art. Have a listen to an interview he gave being interviewed by Adam McBride on 4th Aug 2021.

Painting #9867
CryptoArte purchases by one collector on 5th Aug 2021

If you're into to vintage NFT, Curio Cards is another series that holds fascination for me as they're the first ERC-721 contract on the blockchain.

Few have a visual aesthetic I can appreciate although CryptoArte gets close. The generative art has a hypnotising effect.

MintFace Artwork Feature - Bobbleheads

One hundred Bobbleheads. Wait... what's a Bobblehead? This single artwork was created by Scott Bateman, and contains a montage of 100 Bobblehead paintings, rediscovered in his personal archive that goes back 15 years.

The detail will be more visible on the signed A2 print that comes with the NFT.

Individually minted Bobbleheads invite you to walk in to their whimsical landscape of rainbow adorned homes and emotive vistas with a sprinking of optimism in each work.

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