Probably Nothing

Probably Nothing
Probably Nothing #59 on OpenSea marketplace

'Probably nothing' are two words tweeted in irony when understating the significance of an event in the world of Web 3.0. Jake has minted the phrase by turning 'probably nothing' into an NFT that includes lifetime access and discounts to the new Web3 marketplace Americana Technologies. Probably nothing is probably something.

Probably Nothing #1 of 100 on OpenSea marketplace

The ability for an NFT to provide lifetime discounts on a marketplace is in itself ground-breaking. First up, you'll be able to get a sweet deal on NFTs you already own, and now want to bring into the real world with holographic, plated cards linked to their digital provenance.

Crossover technology that blends the virtual with the real, helps bridge the gap in understanding for those not yet in the Web 3.0 world. When we see a CryptoPunk, Cool Cat or Bored Ape spray painted onto a wall in Brooklyn or plastered on to a billboard in Times Square, it feels significant.

American Technologies is delivering that same crossover technology by retrofitting your NFTs into the trusted and proven collectible card format that 20th Century collectors have always enjoyed. Printing your NFTs as collectible cards is just one product of many that the Probably Nothing collection gives you preferential access to.

As artists, we all have our favourite artwork and Jake is no different currently favouring the privacy given to Probably Nothing #48.

A Twitter poll set the price of the latest Probably Nothing mint. Another first in decentralising the pricing decision to the market before the mint. How much is a lifetime discount pass to Americana Technologies worth? Jake has let us decide and we decided 0.5 eth for Probably Nothing #45.

There's more to this project that makes any NFT into a physical collectible. Jake is also attempting to reverse the polarity of the universe by making any physical object into an NFT. Wait, what? Yup. Put any off-chain asset on-chain thanks to the NFTA Universal Chip.

Each chip includes both a GPS sensor for location and a RFID chip that stores the identification information. As Jake says 'for the first time ever, physical objects can gain the security and benefits that the blockchain offers.'

Launch date isn't for a year...but the vision painted is one where these little sensors could free us from our phones and enable manufacturers to embed utility in their physically manufactured products.

Imagine buying a limited edition pair of K-Swiss sneakers that automatically gave you access to any Gary Vee event, simply by wearing them through the front door. That's what Jake's technology will enable. Probably nothing.

Probably Nothing #36 on OpenSea marketplace

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