Power Within

Power Within
Ode to my Mother by Ana Isabel on OpenSea marketplace

Ana Isabel saw the potential of minting her fine art portraits way back in March 2021. Each portrait shares her message of empowering women by deftly revealing the magic that sparkles beyond skin deep beauty.

Ana Isabel

Inspired by nature and ancient history.

Inanna was minted on Foundation on March 19th 2021, before the boys got started with Bored Apes, Hall of Fame Goats and the Pudgy Penguins. Ana's vision for the place she would help build for women on the blockchain is a place where feminine energy is embraced not exploited. Ana takes inspiration from ‘Gaia’, the mother of all life and sees nature as a form of magic.

“I capture people’s essence alongside the enchantment of our natural world.” says Ana.
Inanna by Ana Isabel on Foundation marketplace
"This photographic work is part of my project ‘Wytches and Seers’ (2014); based on ancient goddesses from different mythologies. This is more than a personal project, it is a meaningful and artistic celebration of women and their power." says Ana.

Ana is part of the @NFTGoddesses movement dedicated to creating a safe and empowering digital space for women artists in the NFT space. Each artwork comes embraced with a positive affirmation for the collector to be inspired by. Feather is a ten edition artwork where the model Ophidia looks upwards and towards the left as she lets go of handful of feathers. The descriptions  'Just like every feather on a bird has its own purpose, so do you. Be that feather and write your own story.'

Beyond OpenSea there are more gems to be discovered by Ana Isabel. Over on KnownOrigin, Queen was minted on August 6th 2021. It was a team effort to bring the artwork to life and Ana includes each of the contributions in the description.

Model: Karin Kirsten
Designer: Rouge Pony
Make-up Artist: Bia Osmondi

Perhaps more importantly, on successful sale of the NFT each of the artistic collaborators receives eth for their contribution.

Queen by Ana Isabel on Known Origin marketplace
‘Queen’ is about discovering the power within yourself to be who you want to be. You are the only one who can decide your happiness. The one who decides which path to walk. Make no mistake, you are the only one who can find your own voice. You are your voice. You are the light and the darkness. You are in control of you and only you. No one else. You are free to be who you want to be. And when you decide, you will be powerful. Powerful to know who you are and to accept it. Powerful to shine on you and others. So be yourself.

Her latest work is set to be released on 21st December 2021 on Makersplace. Set your alarm and reserve eth!

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