Blur 2 by H.C. Turk on OpenSea marketplace

A polymath has little to do with math...and a whole lot to do with being accomplished in multiple creative areas. The HC Turk fits the polymath descriptor on many levels. Let's explore.


H.C. Turk - visual artist, sound artist, and writer

The first collection I discovered is one still untouched by a sale, that gives collectors two feelings at once. The first that something truly magical is being discovered for the first time. The second, is that there may not be anything much to see or feel here. H.C. Turk fits in the former category with the 6,000 pixel wide collection of six Blur artworks.

"Each Blur began as a photograph that I manipulated digitally to the point of abstraction. Though the smooth tonality suggests airbrush or similar medium, these works could not have been created without a computer's imaging editor. They seem ethereal, but are pure pixel."
Blur # 6 from the Blur: Ethereal Identities collection by H.C. Turk 
“You can cut things apart with a welder, but you can’t build a city with a bomb.”

The curves of Blur's origins trace back to his earliest computer works. To truly appreciate the art, right click and save to open full screen for all the graduated detail beyond OpenSea's pop up box. There is crispness in the elliptical edges and human like indentations in the some of the planetary shapes.

The Blur signature style can be found in more playful collections such as "I have come for the cats."

H.C. Turk earliest authored novel also signals that the 6x9 trade paperback format could be reimagined. The INERTIA book was formatted into a 11 inch wide, 40 feet long dissertation that I can imagine being unfurled in rolls in the centre of a large hall in MoMa's gallery for a summer season. On the blockchain it has been minted, but will never be owned now that its home is a burn address.

There are more books beyond Inertia, including the artists recommended prose, Black Body, a white witch, Alba, and her struggles to survive 18th-century English society.

H.C. Turk books on Amazon
"My most famous novel is one of those rare books that is considered an ultimate read by its most fervent proponents. A reader told me, “I’ll take this book to the grave with me, and if I still have it in the afterlife, I know I’ll be in heaven.”

H.C. Turk joined the NFT space in March 2021 looking for us. Go and follow his journey at @TheHCTurk.

"Why have I entered the NFT space? Because I want to find an audience beyond what I found before. For all of my successes, most of you never heard of me. But sometimes I wonder if anyone is here."

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