Tulips On Fire

Tulips On Fire
Fire on the blockchain. An infinite loop of a tulips & fire. Liquid propane in action. 1/1. Mathieu Young.

Dangerous. Very dangerous. Guy Fawkes night celebrates a guy back in 1605 who was seriously against the establishment. While the sentiment of Guy Fawke's is lost on todays annual celebration, it still gets celebrated by letting off fireworks. Humans love fire so it is with some serendipity that I discovered Mathieu Young's work on Guw Fawke's Day 5th November 2021.

Mathieu Young
Artist based in Los Angeles playing with fire.

There are four Foundation artworks...and all are burning bright.

Fire is hypnotic to look at, most probably because it was the thing that kept humans safe from humans back in cavemen days. We continue to identify deeply with its presence. I've never seen flowers burn. I don't know if they do.

Yet I metaphorically understand that the tulip metaphor as hurled across at NFT artists is well and truly burnt out. Is that the message here? I can read the subtext.

Burning Tulips by Mathieu Young on Foundation

For the early mint chasers, Mathieu's genesis work on Foundation grew into mint life on May 4th 2021 and is still available.

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