Our Land

Our Land
Alpine Grande by Greg Whitton on Foundation marketplace 

Where we live determines much of what we experience. Fortunately for us, Greg Whitton shares many of the moments his lens focusses on the landscapes and seascapes of the United Kingdom. The first photograph 'Fossil' was captured at nearly 3,000 feet of altitude on the Isle of Arran, located a couple of hours west of Glasgow, Scotland.

Fossil by Greg Whitton on Foundation marketplace
"When hiking in the mountains on the Isle of Arran you cannot fail to be impressed by their magnificent profiles, even when compared to the greater mountains of the Highlands on the mainland. The central part is an ancient caldera, eroded by the elements and time and on the western ridge of North Goatfell you will find this curious arrangement of rocks. To me it resembles the fossilised remains of a long dead dinosaur. A magnificent place to just 'take in the view'." says Greg.

Fossil conveys the epic scale of nature through a vertebrae of stones. Each stone is revealed from the weight of a million of years eroding away the surrounding tundra. Greg does what it takes to go to the heights of nature and then overlays a story that goes beyond the surface beauty.

His work 'Hardship' is described as 'two simple pines struggling to hold on to their precarious ledge must have strong roots to withstand the elements, that is what keeps them grounded.' Go and view the photograph in its high resolution glory on Foundation and continue reading the description.

Hardship by Greg Whitton on Foundation marketplace

A photographic narrative style is simply an image supported by a cool story (real or imagined). The story doesn't always have to be super deep either. It can be as straight forward as a diary entry style, such as Vertigo.

Vertigo by Greg Whitton on Foundation marketplace
"Shot from the summit of Tryfan, one of the iconic mountains of Wales, this remains one of my most emotive images for many reasons. A good friend trusting his life in my assurance that he'll 'be fine'. Thankfully we came off the mountain that day with nothing but smiles and great memories." says Greg.

Each photograph shown on MintFace so far, shows a foreboding nature, where light partially surfaces. There is struggle what Greg is telling us. The darkened skies of 'Intrepid' lie in sharp contrast to the reflected snowmelt being traversed by one plucky traveller.

The downside of owning a Greg Whitton artwork, is you'll probably want to budget for two to three. Each artwork is magnified in the presence of its peers. Look at these three and tell me they don't belong in an OnCyber gallery together.

Greg has also experimented with releasing his rights to a photograph for the world to enjoy in 'Patriot.'

Patriot by Greg Whitton on the Foundation marketplace

Any photographer can try this out by adding the following agreement to a minted NFT.

Upon first settlement of sale of this NFT 'artwork name' the following Licence conditions shall become effective and irrevocable by the copyright holder, <first name last name>:

©2014. This work is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal Licence.

A copy of the CC0 1.0 Universal Licence is available at https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/legalcode

Go and follow Greg's art on Foundation and decide whether you'd like a few of the remaining seven photographs around one eth each to adorn your digital walls.

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