NudeAF Photography

NudeAF Photography
Autumn Waterfall 52/200 by Korbinian Vogt on OpenSea marketplace and FREE +gas

Nude is banned or severely curtailed by the algorithms of legacy Web2.0 platforms. That's a problem for photographers who create from the most natural of human states, the nude form.

MintFace has been pondering this and what it means for artists who can now freely share nude art on Web3.0...without the same risks of being shadow banned, reported or deplatformed entirely.

Sure, Guido gets a hard time on Twitter...but no one is saying his art should be banned.

To help you find some of these amazing artists, follow the MintFace NudeAF Photography Twitter list that features 30+ nude photographers across a range of styles.

The Twitter list was created after a tweet thread for artists on how to discover collectors on Twitter who love the style of art you create.

Two artists I mentioned in the thread were Soulcraft and Korbinian Vogt. Their art is very different. Also it is the same on two levels. a) photography b) sensual art. If a collector follows one of the two artists... they probably either like photography or sensual art...or both.

Three peaks edition 42/50 by Korbinian Vogt
Mirage edition 2/10 by Soulcraft

Who follows both? Those are likely real fans of the art-form, like MintFace. How many collectors might that be?

4,308 follow @korbinian_vogt
1,225 follow @_Soulcraft_

Only 128 follow both. Those are likely high value follows for sensual art photographers....and collectors.

Overlap of followers between Korb's and Soulcrafts Twitter account

'But MintFace, I see other artists as competition to me selling my art.' Incorrect. Artists like you can share the load of getting your art genre seen in the zeitgeist.

Collaborate > compete.

Many people who follow Korb or Soulcraft probably have no interest in NFTs. MintFace followers are almost entirely the opposite.

62 people follow Korb, Soulcraft and MintFace. Sensual photography artists should follow all of them. Then work at growing your genre size collectively.

Overlap of followers between Korb's, Soulcraft's and MintFace Twitter account

These are the kinds of topics we teach in the NFT Digital Artist Economy workshop for artists... increase artist effectiveness at being discovered.

πŸ’Alpha: You can track the overlap of followers between artists like you using the FollowerWonk tool. Enjoy :)

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