NFT Skills Portal

NFT Skills Portal

Sometimes you need to see someone else do it first before it makes sense with NFTs, and that's why we've built the MintFace Skills Portal for artists and collectors.

Each irresistibly concise video levels up your skills with NFTs. We cover the easy stuff like how to transfer eth and NFTs... right through to the hard stuff like how to set up a gnosis wallet.

πŸ’ New videos get added every 2 weeks in 2022 so if there's a topic you'd like covered, please let @mintfaced know on Twitter or by reply email.

If you prefer to learn together with artists like you, join the NFT Digital Artist Economy workshop where by the end you'll know a whole lot more about launching your digital art collection. Applications are now open.






How to Transfer An Artwork is one I get asked ALOT! Please share this on Twitter :)

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