Naked Leader

Naked Leader
gm from São Paulo 

Hugo Faz is a leading light for artists in emerging economies where exchange rates are the start of many significant hurdles in accessing the artist opportunity of NFTs. NU NFT is the incubator where you'll find art from a range of artists including Rony Hernandes, Luiz Leles and Jhen Scalco thanks to Hugo Faz.

"The NFT art space is currently missing the best artists due to global asymmetries. NU NFT is an initiative — soon to become a full-fledged DAO." says Hugo.
Artists in the NU NFT collective 

Hugo is building a pipeline between art collectors and talent historically cut off from anything beyond their local gallery. Artists selected for the roster are almost exclusively women, bipoc and LGBTQ+ artists. Where English is a second language, Hugo lends a hand. Where gas fees for listing and selling are prohibitive, @nu_nft foots the bill. If there was an individual that personifies the WAGMI spirit, it's Hugo Faz.

Rebirth, with Rony Hernandes by Hugo Faz on Foundation marketplace

Rebirth is the first in a series of 100 Nude Shoots of Hugo (photograph shot by Rony Hernandes) that will evolve through the newly released Foundation collection capability. Hugo has plenty to shortlist from 2020, where he created one nude self portrait every day of the year!

What is Hugo's posture when it comes to art? Look no further than his artist statement:

"Cutting-edge performance art permeates Hugo's 10 year body of work in photography and filmmaking, whether portraying the Brazilian queer art scene and its personalities, making censorship-defying artistic statements or via the creation of expanded-body personas, through which the artist immerses himself in themes of body, identity, human and human-machine relationship, bio/necropolitics and crypto."

Censorship defying statements is what the blockchain was born for and why artwork like Brazilla is made possible. Brazil's president Bolsanaro's response, or lack thereof and the resulting 700,000 deaths is minted as a reminder of how voices can sway how we perceive the world around us.

"We believe freedom will only be possible when the margins engulf the center." says Hugo.

'A gm hopeful' was the first time MintFace discovered Hugo's creativity in curating the 6529 gm Gallery.

a gm hopeful by Hugo Faz on Foundation marketplace

Each artwork made possible by NU NFT writes the royalty split directly into the contract. When photographer and Brazilian artist Jhen Scalco sells Shadow Dress, 50% of earnings go directly in to her wallet.

These eth funds are crucial for artists to mint and list their next work. The remaining 50% goes back into the @nu_NFT fund to assist artists mint their genesis. Here's the list of artists to follow on Foundation so far:

3stelAd4n is the cryptoartist persona for Hugo Faz and Steven B, a queer performance and visual artist duo from Brazil delving in themes of body, identity, bio and necropolitics.

Jhen Scalco - her work is charged with symbology and affective meaning, drawing a high dose of intimacy over a fine line between fiction and reality.

Luiz Leles - Fine Art Photographer. Creator. Writer.

Rony Hernandes - Artista. A promising 24 year-old award winning creative photographer.

Hugo Faz - Photographer, Performance Artist, Collector.

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