My Travel Diary

My Travel Diary
The Eternal Sail by Navane.eth on Foundation marketplace

Navaneeth Kishor captures the natural beauty encountered on his adventures through India. Navene's travel diary is an OpenSea collection titled 'My Travel Diary' and puts you right there with Navene, in places you'd rarely discover on your own.

Camels of Nubra Valley by Navaneeth on OpenSea marketplace
'These are some of my finest images of landscapes. The stories in each photographs entail thousands of miles travelling, days and weeks of planning, trekking, failures and hardships' says Navaneeth.

Yellapetty Top is an hour's walk from the nearest car friendly road, the ocean like waves of Thar Desert are otherworldly and then there's the Camels of Nubra Valley. The sense of travelling through foreigns lands is encapsulated best by Camels of Nubra Valley. A trio of camels and their riders are led by a fourth capped man purposefully walking across a shadowed horizon. The distant mountains conveying the scale of the journey. The Eternal Sail is Navene's first mint on Foundation and also conveys a grand journey, this time over water.

"I love to capture the very essence of a life moment, entwined with a story." says Navaneeth.

Navaneeth grew up near a large majestic mountain called Illikkal Kallu and heard stories about the local heroes who climbed to the top.

"The farthest destination I once imagined has now become my nearest location. I've logged thousands of kilometers now. But the place that fascinated me to travel as a child has always been my favourite." says Navaneeth.
The Majestic Illikkal Kallu by Navaneeth on OpenSea marketplace

Natural beauty isn't the main event of Navaneeth's photographic story making, it's simply what he uses to paint lens based stories with personal meaning.

Get up in the morning.
Put your shoes on.
Take a hike up the hills.
Make Your Happiest Jump Ever.

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