Line Art Week 26 May - 2 June

Line Art Week 26 May - 2 June

Line Art Week is a celebration of cryptoart, for artists to invite collectoors to experience their art exhibition on The Line.

There is no cost to exhibit during Line Art Week. The event is fully decentralised so you can run an event any time on The Line. All you neeed to do is have your exhibition setup ready for collectooors!

Line Art Week Event Details

View Exhibiting Artists on The Line Art Week Calendar

Wen: 26th May - 2nd June
What: Line Art Week for collectoors to hear directly from artists on The Line
Why: Because its time to get back to the art.
Where: On The Line of each exhibiting artist

tl:dr: Join The Line, invite your collectooors, tell @mintfacess about your event to get it on The Line Art Week calendar.

Artists host your collectooors on The Line

Artists invite collectooors and guests to hear about their art practice on The Line.

Choose one of two ways to host:

๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ LIVE CHAT ย Host a live Q&A text chat for collectooors to ask you questions.

๐Ÿ”Š TWITTER SPACES ย Host a Twitter Spaces to talk about your art as your walk The Line.

Collectoors finally get to see your entire portfolio of work in one place while hearing you talk about it.

"Launch a new artwork or collection live on The Line or to give more context about you and your art practice." MintFace
You can invite both NFT and traditional collectors because The Line does not require any advanced knowledge of crypto wallets or marketplaces to simply experience your art collection.

Co-Host A Collective Artist Event

It might be easier or more fun for you to co-host an event on The Line with a few of your artist frens. Invite artists you already know and two to three of you host a 20 min slot each on your segment of The Line.

You can also invite artists that are 'next door' to you on The Line to cohost an event. View your neighbours on The Line and pop them a DM to see if they'd like to coordinate an event time with you.

Line Art Week Calendar

The Line Art Week Calendar will update here as events are added.

IMPORTANT: To get your event on the calendar, DM @mintfacess on Twitter with date, time, event name and location on The Line.

Artists Exhibiting On The Line

There are already over 600 artists on The Line. We hope to see events being held throughout Line Art Week across The Line.

You can visit any of the artists on The Line directly using their address on The Line eg: ... and so on. We keep a full register of artists on The Line.

Over the weekend I highlighted a few who have done an amazing job at exhibiting on The Line:

There are over 18,000 artworks on The Line already. Go an have an explore and be inspired by the cryptoart talent here.

Can't wait to see you at a Line Art Week event!


MintFace ๐Ÿ’

How To Join The Line

Artists can join The Line at and exhibit up to 302 artworks each.

The mission is to display one million artworks in a single line for everyone to enjoy, collect and experience.

For artists new to exhibiting in the metaverse we provide getting started guides on how to setup your bio on The Line and add your art.

How to Setup Your Artist Bio

Add Your Artist On The Line